1. Thank you. This seems exactly like what has happened. He does have very hard to chew toys but only because he completely destroys soft toys. I hope this isn’t causing him teeth issues.

  2. It should be fine but, like they say, if your ween starts acting differently, it's time for a vet visit! :3

  3. 😂 sometimes I wonder why we got a ween. They have such HUGE personalities. Mine is totally the alpha 😐😂

  4. So, so sorry for your loss. You and Cooper will be in my thoughts.

  5. NTA!!! How did they NOT know you don't have lunch money if they hadn't given any to you?? I read this twice and couldn't understand why your parents are pissed..

  6. YTA. Your neighbour already explained to you the reasoning behind the dog being present AND was respectful enough to not let the dog roam other than potty. Yet, you're so focused your daughter being upset at you. Since this is only a one week arrangement, the dog will eventually be gone. Why did you need to involve various people and divide the community? You literally couldve asked your neighbour to explain to your daughter that the dog was there only due special circumstance and that the building you live in don't allow pets.

  7. YTA. Your ex had a legitimate concern and you dismissed it. Doesn't seem like he was being "greedy". If you're worried about your son having a meltdown, you couldve taken him outside. Or better yet, use this opportunity to teach him now to accept "no" as an answer.

  8. Would get it looked at by the vet, can probably give you a cream to treat it.

  9. Thanks! We have an appointment next week. Hopefully it isn't anything major!!

  10. I try to keep mine on grass, but she has sudden zoomies episodes (i think she doesn't like the rain) and she runs everywhere out of nowhere. 😓

  11. Mine did too. It took us a while to teach him his boundaries in the yard. Now he just keeps his zoomies on the grass.

  12. Ah, thanks! Maybe I just really have to keep a short leash. Unfortunately, the strata I live in dictates we must take our dog outside the complex to potty...So we've been training our dog to do so on a strip of grass outside.

  13. NTA for expecting your niece to help, but YTA for saying what you did to her. No matter how upset and frustrated you are, those words should never even come across your mind.

  14. Thank you!! Mine fled, but I'll wait for next time! :3

  15. Thank you!!! Caught one and you're the best! Thanks for taking the time to help so many of us :3

  16. My pleasure! I was looking all during lunch today and just couldn't find a raid about to start

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