Adding Friends & Co-op Breeding - Sep 2020

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  1. I’ve restarted this game after a few years here’s my friend code!

  2. My friend ID is DragonVale#3091120 I’ll add anyone back :) this park is on level 77

  3. Alpha and Omega are on the easier side, especially with exp share active

  4. Tell me if I'm wrong, but if you change Pokemon in the middle of a fight, every Pokemon of yours that has participated in the fight gets the full amount of the experience that the foe Pokemon gives after being defeated instead of getting the splited proportional amount. This can be exploited to get x6 experience for every Pokemon you defeat, is just broken.

  5. lmao. I've been selling harvesting V books for 10k and up. It's so cheap to make but people either dont know how to craft it or don't want to bother getting it themselves

  6. Did you know that the screams are so they can coordinate the punching so that their hands don’t go bye bye

  7. I did this before and was able to skip the cube portal because of it. I love the mini wave hitboxes

  8. I saw that you’re a Swede, as am I! You know they have Ghibli, all of it is on there at this point, Little Witch Academia as well which I love. The Netflix originals are of course all there you now. Oh yeah Black Lagoon’s on there which has the English dub too which is great!

  9. Didn’t know that, going to check that out. Watching little witch academia rn.

  10. Wasn’t there a movie about just that? Anyone know the name of it?

  11. Barnhusbron är på plats som byggdes 1969, och den ser ju färdig ut. Jag kan däremot inte hitta något som sätter en undre gräns på ålder.

  12. Yes, don’t know how long this distance is tho. N you could always break the former bed if you want that to happen

  13. Many thanks for the reply. Yes I've been doing the breaking beds / nether route up till now, but I wanted to try and eliminate that step.

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