1. Meh, IDK. Trump is too stupid to hire someone smart enough to pull that off.

  2. I've never been able to reproduce the feeling I had in my first few months and even years of playing WoW with any other game. Nothing has even come close. The first time running up the hill into IF was my favorite gaming moment.

  3. I would give...some amount of money to feel that feeling again. The environments, the music, the ridiculous public chat, exploring new DLCs with EVERYONE on day one, etc. No other game has come even close to it and it's depressing to think after all these years I'll probably never feel anything like it again.

  4. Even the goodest of boys or girls can be a tempted my stove meat. Had mine since a pup and he never countersurfed his whole 5 years and a few months ago I caught him with his neck stretched as far as possible with his snout on the counter while I was on the other side of the kitchen. Now all meat waits in the microwave if I have to step away for even a few seconds...little shit.

  5. Terrible choice for president, guy ran California into the ground at hyper speed

  6. I always hoped that she was able to meet Brittany. Does anyone know if they ever met?

  7. I don't believe they've ever met, largely due to Britney reacting negatively to the video saying it was creepy/weird. It hurt Cara's (formerly Chris) feelings but she said she still stands by what she said in the original video and supported everyone calling for the end to Britney's conservatorship, so no hard feelings on Cara's side at least.

  8. And he's still the most semi-recent reasonable GOP politician my addled brain can think of.

  9. Agreed. And way less egregious than the "destination fee" for the Westin in Downtown Phoenix, which hardly qualifies as a destination.

  10. Or when you go to a hotel in a ski area in the summer that's not even near the slopes anyway and they charge $50 per night all year long for use of the ski lockers and shuttle to the slope...which does not run in the summer for obvious reasons. I mean I definitely chose to pay it because that was the best place for me at the time, but it sure does seem silly.

  11. Ok this is way less expensive than I expected. I will 100% be going there tomorrow 🥰

  12. OK, that is fantastic because I've had a similar piece (octopus candle holder) on my Amazon Wish List for over 3 years because it's like $200. Finally, I shall have my hearts desire!

  13. That’s wild to me. I much prefer it being dark when I wake up and having the sun basically rise “with me” as opposed to it being dark by 4:30pm.

  14. Same here. If I'm waking up and the sun is already out it puts me in panic mode like I've already missed half the day. Granted, that's mostly due to the hangup my father gave me that if one does not wake up at 5AM they're lazy, but still...

  15. Why do the most ignorant people always have the most to say?

  16. People who try to not be ignorant are generally know when to shut up and listen.

  17. I would say stop having sex with her altogether plus all the rest you mentioned.

  18. Collars with prongs are meant to be sharp side out to protect herding dogs from predators. Whatever psychos are putting the sharp side in should have to wear one for a day and have someone "correct" them.

  19. They absolutely are not making $18+ in most of the US. What an ridiculously uninformed thing to say.

  20. I'm in the business too, so clearly you don't have them all...

  21. Because a lot of it is absolutely gorgeous and worth the off chance you drown or burn alive.

  22. I love LA from the car window when I'm parked on the 101 at noon, me.

  23. Las Vegas gets hot, but it's dry

  24. Because it's hot af and people get dehydrated and have heat strokes all the time

  25. That's pretty weird because I can just highlight my favorite passages as I read them and tab back to them at any time. But it is pretty trendy to hate on e-readers.

  26. 90% of the time I prefer my Kindle (Paperwhite) because I can pack it easy, keeps my place, etc., but I also have a hard time quickly finding what I am looking for on an e-reader vs a physical book. It could just be that I'm inept, but it's partly that e-readers aren't as good as they could be. I wouldn't just dismiss peoples' minor issues as hate, but you're right in saying it's apperently trendy to hate them.

  27. What auth type do you use for 2FA? There were some issues with the Entrust app a couple days ago and some of my team members had the same issue today, though I'm not sure whether it was related to Entrust. I doubt they can help but maybe try calling the help desk just in case they can give you a workaround.

  28. Phases don’t last 4 years. When cis people think about their gender it’s pretty brief, maybe a week if they get serious about it.

  29. I generally think the same thing. I just worry about him and want him to be happy with himself is all.

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