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  1. The female equivalent to the types of male terms you promote here is 'loose pussy energy'. What does promoting misandrist hypocrisy towards all males have to do with anything?

  2. I’m not a girl? And what does that have to do with my situation at home?

  3. I don’t understand are you saying my home life and life in general is fake?

  4. Sometimes I have a sore throat but I guess because I have a window open?

  5. Wait you have to use alcohol for vanilla extract I thought it was water?!

  6. Company doesn't have a HR, unfortunately. My manger has mentioned that she finds the woman 'difficult'. But I don't think I'll get anywhere with either options :/

  7. Yikes mate… have you spoken to a owner or someone higher

  8. On a Friday evening when I was 8-9 years old me, my sister and my mom was walking to the mall. On the way there we saw a group of guys in their late teens. They were lauging, joking and having the time of their life. I pointed at them and said something like "look, it is just like that song dad listens to, the boys are back in town (the old Thin Lizzy song). Her reaction was to look away away and coldly answer "you will never have that".

  9. Ranting is a good thing, and as for this Cindy well I think she just needs to get a hobby or a religion

  10. YTA if you don’t want to share with your family get your own place.

  11. But I’m legally on the lease she isn’t she just moved back with us :/

  12. And who else is living with you that is taking your food? Kick them out too

  13. Have you ever on planning opening a bakery or at least make a recipe book :0

  14. That’s rude dude, they cant respect you when you’re feeling Sick

  15. I’d get a new job, the manager doesn’t sound like a good person to me

  16. For some reason she was being nice today, but what do I do who do I report this accusation to?

  17. They're scheming you. Leave the job immediately and find a new horizon. Don't be somewhere your trust is being played with. If they fire you they'll put on your record that you stole. Seriously

  18. But what if I have this as evidence? Is there a way I could report this?

  19. I feel you, sometimes people may not have the time or maybe don’t have the same interests. Being you is the best thing, never change for people’s validation.

  20. Dude same if you’re comfortable talking more about it I’m here man. My therapist basically has given up on me like I’m a hopeless cause and I’m exhausted as well I feel you on this level reach out if you want to talk

  21. Yeah man I hate it a lot I’m alone and no one wants nothing to do with me like before they legit abandoned me

  22. My friend has ptsd and acts this way he hates this he has no medication to help him I wants to get rid of the pain and just be happy

  23. For sure, I would too. Stand his ground see what happens. If approached about it, Playing dumb wins almost all the time. Saying something along the lines of “oh I thought you told me I could put one up” if they say no just apologies and take it down and you know their stance on it now.

  24. Yea I showed him the responses but he’s still timid of the idea, he’s afraid of getting fired but at the same time he’s stuck between the lines of putting it up or just straight up talking to the company owner who was also giving him permission to do so

  25. But like, what are they even going to fire him for if he was givin permission? I’d suggest not talking to the owner unless he feels it’s necessary. I’d put it up and if it’s takin down again ask politely why it gets takin down if your problem isn’t solved by that then go to the owner

  26. Coworkers are hating on him (the ones that were talking shit about him first) no one wants to look at him or speak to him he says he rather be at home he’s stressed out and he wants to cry he wants to apologize to them but I told him not to worry plus the one that over heard should of been the bigger person not say or spread more of anything and just let it slide, just like he did when they were making fun of him for trying to sell some art.

  27. Dude same here I had to deal with bad people and now I can’t trust new friends who are coming in my life it’s honestly heart breaking asf :( I want good friends

  28. Is there a way you could possibly post a step by step video tutorial?

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