1. Always a good time to walk, bike, take transit, carpool, or drive an EV. Funding OPEC+ regimes is a poor use of your hard-earned money.

  2. Santa Monica and West Hollywood are not very close to each other. What is your budget per night?

  3. That’s poverty here sadly. 6 figures is the absolute lowest you can survive on here.

  4. Wrong. Unless 3/4 of San Diego isn't surviving...

  5. I moved here unemployed, there’s alternatives to qualify like having $X amount in your bank account. I ended up having my parents use their company letterhead to say I moved here working for them at the salary amount needed to qualify(I did not). They never even followed up with calling to verify and it was a nationwide real estate company. Obviously, ymmv on that and it’s unethical but it seemed like my only option.

  6. I’m just curious because I don’t know anything about chess and this is just showing on

  7. If the match is live-streamed, you have an outsider ask a computer what move to play, then they signal you via some kind of remote signal. (The ongoing joke is that he had a sex toy which vibrated to indicate which move to play)

  8. Do they actually livestream it without a delay?

  9. The Sinquefield Cup was livestreamed with no delay, yeah. After the allegations, they implemented a 15-minute delay

  10. If you tax $31 trillion at a 95% rate, then the debt goes down to $1.55 trillion

  11. Wirecutter's recommendation is $250, so right within your budget.

  12. Parking at LAX will never be fun. The APM will provide a welcome alternative but I doubt it will make the driving experience pleasant (with the exception of removing shuttle buses)

  13. I'd guess he is legit. But honestly, is it worth it for you to drive 2 hours each way? In 2 cars because you need a ride home? If I were you, I'd wait for a local buyer. It's a $10k car, not an exotic car. There will be other buyers nearby who are less of a headache.

  14. If you want the "full" strip club experience, Tijuana beckons... (everything, including prostitution, is fully legal there)

  15. Yeah, it's called development. Most of us hate it but Pardee Homes and the City and Sandag said we needed it. Same than all the hundreds of houses been built as we speak in the middle of wildfire territory. Politicians and developers suck.

  16. If only we put all that effort into high-rises instead of thousands of ticky-tack McMansions covering our beautiful hills and valleys. We could be more Barcelona than Phoenix and have more nature while still housing everyone who wants to live here.

  17. Which is a meaningless comparison since we're not in Wyoming

  18. I know it's a chain, but... Cheesecake Factory?

  19. I hear the laughing. Let me know where your country falls on this chart when you sort by % GDP.

  20. Nice side-step, which makes me think you're an American, which is even funnier.

  21. Not to mention, the feds are probably done with new projects. The IIJA and IRA are probably the last big bills that "Amtrak Joe" can pass through Congress with significant rail funding, especially with the House likely flipping, and the funding for rail in those wasn't nearly enough. :(

  22. Ouch, I remember when it IPO'd and a bunch of Poshmark sellers bought stock. Looks like they took a 50% hit.

  23. Can't believe how many years this has stalled

  24. Mission creep. I agree NYC needs more freight rail though.

  25. Anybody can sue for any reason. Let's see if this passes summary judgment. I don't know Cedars to be a place that discriminates against Armenians, but who knows, maybe I'm wrong

  26. Mostly agreed but I think Bass will win and Koretz/Mejia is a toss-up.

  27. HSR is being built. You can see it under construction if you drive to the Central Valley. Phase 1 is between San Francisco and Anaheim. They started in the middle part (Bakersfield to Merced) and will work their way north to SF and south to Anaheim. The feds only gave limited money and required for it to be used in the Central Valley first for economic development reasons.

  28. Grab lunch from Trader Joe's and enjoy it at Kate Sessions Park or at the Gliderport.

  29. Need to know: job location. If WFH, then Pacific Beach or Ocean Beach. Your rent will probably remain 3k for a 2b.

  30. What is what each option can offer than the other cannot?

  31. To generalize, Ocean Beach is a little cheaper, more relaxed, more homeless. Pacific Beach is more young partiers, more pricey. They each are more accessible to a different set of neighborhoods, so it depends if you see yourself visiting downtown or La Jolla more. (there are legit pros and cons for both)

  32. The trolley from San Diego does that. It doesn't cross the border anymore but it did when that wasn't a big deal.

  33. Trolley never went to Tijuana. Passenger rail did until 1951 but not a chance it could happen again because of how locked-down the border is.

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