1. During the day I wish the market was open during the evening too. During the evening, I thank god the market is not open because my drunk ass comes up with the worst plays every night.

  2. News that GPT is actually a call center in the Philippines

  3. Meanwhile, american college students are getting drunk and puking on things

  4. Idk dude my Uni had a large pool of Chinese foreign students, so many they filled their own dorm building almost, and that dorm was always having the most Ragers/cops pulling up. Also there was always a large group of them outside chain smoking cigs at Any time of day or night in any weather, Chinese kids can throw down

  5. Non options trader here... What happens to shorts and puts, can they still profit ?

  6. They print…put can sell for the strike price, but there’s no shares to buy, so you just get strike price times 100 shares as profit

  7. Someone willingly wrote a contractual obligation to do this, they are on the hook for the money, part of writing a Put is taking on the risk that this scenario may occur, which you are on the hook for. Hence why if you write a put there’s a max loss of strike price * 100.

  8. Today I put my entire portfolio in spy 400, 401, and 405 3/17 calls. It can’t go tits up.

  9. So I started Friday with, $150, bought a Tesla put, cashed out at open on Monday, switched to a Tesla call, ended Tuesday at 280, switched to $HBAN puts, finished Wednesday at $440, bought a spy 1DTE call today, closed out within $1060. All within 6 days. Hoping to keep this going.

  10. It's cash settled. The value of the contract moves based purely on buyers/sellers power until close of the last day when it settles at value of spot vix.

  11. Lol. Sure, except everyone knows vix futures will eventually settle at price of spot vix.

  12. Where do these futures contracts come from? Does some company create them and sell them to people then pay out the ones that are the correct guess of the VIX on a certain date or something? Or is it like how options work where anyone can write an option and another person buys it

  13. Isn't that one of those delivery apps? Prices are inflated.

  14. It’s inflated a bit, but for reference the McDonald’s Next door to this place Is like marked up a dollar. It’s not to this extent where it’s 20 bucks for 5 wings lol

  15. Have fun shorting this right now, when it's oversold and has drilled almost non-stop for over 2 weeks straight.

  16. How did they step up when It mattered? It was a tie game with 5ish min on the clock and the dolphins D proceeded to use the entire length of the game left and still allow points, that’s literally when it mattered most and they failed. Would’ve been better for them to just let Josh throw a TD pass and give Tua the ball back with 4 min to play than that shit show.

  17. We dont need to win out. We could literally go 1-2 and make it.

  18. Like it or not this is humankind progressing. Jobs become outdated as technology advances.

  19. I don’t understand why people are so always so angry about Ghost, they’re doing the music they wanna make, if you don’t like it move on - why do you care if they win a Grammy?

  20. I am a fan of ghost and have seen them live a few times. Recently my buddy told me “they are the KISS of the metal genre” and tbh I think that’s pretty spot on. but hey, shit slaps esp their live shows.

  21. Seems like they pretty much had it figured out so it would have been technically possible, maybe they had some demos I’m not sure, just seems like it would’ve been a lot of work to put computers in all these random intersections…1970 sized computers…the diagrams they have make it seem like they’d need a lot of room!

  22. But what if it's actual cost price is way beyond this🤔 is there some way to find that too?

  23. If it is real it’s more or less worth its weight in gold. Maybe a small premium on it. It’s not some super rare/expensive collectors coin, esp in that shape. Anyone buying it would be more than likely just buying it for the gold weight.

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