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  1. achei que o último jogo tivesse sido Bahia 0x7 Cruzeiro, mas deve ter sido um dos últimos então né

  2. eu me pergunto o que eu poderia ter na cabeça se eu não tivesse algumas memórias tipo essa guardadas

  3. He is quick but has very little consistency. Even in his first year he had several dominant races in an MP Motorsport which is normally a midfield team at best. He didn't get on at UNI for some reason. He probably isn't the next Verhamilmacher but would be a solid pay driver for one of the smaller teams.

  4. Não sei quem foi que criou, pesquisando aqui a data mais antiga que eu encontrei dessa música sendo cantada pelo Cruzeiro foi em Abril de 2013. Não achei nenhuma fonte ou vídeo do Palmeiras cantando isso, talvez tenham feito isso só ontem pra provocar o rival. O São Paulo também tem uma versão dessa música mas a deles surgiu em 2016, então não é mais antiga que a nossa.

  5. Simona de Silvestro's 2013 season featured a podium at Houston and other than the Indy 500 nearly the same amount of points as her far more accomplished teammate Tony Kanaan. Her 2012 season was saddled with the atrocious Lotus engine that had a single top 10 all season with the great Sebastian Bourdais so 2012 is a total write off and in 2010 she was the second best rookie beating out Takuma Sato. Which is a more respectable record than any woman has had in F3 or F2

  6. She drove to the quality of the teams she was at, or were you expecting Ganassi or Penske results from a midfield team. At HVM she replaced EJ Viso who had a best result of 18th in that car, and then she moved to KV and finished only place worse than Barichello in the same car, and better than anyone in the IndyCar era drove for KV in the second KV car other than Will Power and the previously mentioned Barichello.

  7. You're delusional. Again, LOOK AT HER RACING RECORD. it's easy go to Wikipedia and check it out what a "successful" driver she is.

  8. Yeah would be weird, especially since I have Fittipaldi replacing KMag after next year which fills the Brazilian quota

  9. Ferrari backs Fittipaldi, and he has the money and name. And given Enzo has started putting in some good runs in F2 it might work out.

  10. Leftists thought that by astroturfing a subreddit like this they can change the opinions of the average listener.

  11. There's no progression because currently all women drivers are garbage and won't even place top 10 on a 3rd world F4 championship.

  12. Look at those records again bud, ain't nothing to be proud in there aside from Chadwick.

  13. Aquele gol de cobertura dentro da pequena área que ele fez não existe

  14. Doesn’t feel right that Sargent and Hauger are out, but Drugovich can continue like nothings happened in P4

  15. Agreed, but what you're gonna do? It's T1, drugovich has the inside and you have hauger thinking there's no one else racing but him.. he had plenty of space on his left and still chose to close the door on Sargeant, who had nowhere to go.

  16. What a stupid divebomb from Drugovich. Ruined at least 3 people's races.

  17. MP is a good car Doohan was putting it P2 in quali last round of last year all the signs were good for a good car this year.

  18. Let's be honest. MP hasn't been the regular MP. There's no way if MP was last year's MP then they'd have the pace to be in the top 5 regularly and win as often as they did.

  19. I would agree with you if it wasn't for Novalak's results which are pretty standard for MP.

  20. Whether man made or not, these droughts are bad news out west. So many of my favorite places that I grew up camping, fishing, and hunting in are now burned to the ground.

  21. We have 1960s water infrastructure for 2022 population size. That's the problem.

  22. Fabrício guerreiro, e digo mais, não é ídolo que nem estão tentando pregar por aí. Ninguém lembrava dele até ano passado que postou no Instagram ele saindo do Rio de janeiro com a família pra ver um jogo no Mineirão. A partir daí começaram a ficar dizendo "olha, é o Fabrício do 6x1, esse é ídolo", mas eu DUVIDO que quem fala isso sequer lembrava da existência dele antes do postizinho no Instagram, era ruim e carniceiro.

  23. I’m all for this mid season charge to the top for Logan as Drugovich has been falling off as of late

  24. Falling off is quite an overstatement. He's only finished outside of the top 5 one time in the last 7 races, and that was due to bad tyre strategy at Spielberg last weekend.

  25. Unless a woman can compete toe to toe with the boys in f4, f3, and f2 there's zero chance it might happen.

  26. Yes, but not the supermajortiy necessary to break the filibuster in the senate. And even if he had there were RINOS like McCain to shit the bed.

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