1. I’m scared of all the inevitable thirst comments.

  2. OP’s entire account is of him harassing homeless people for attention

  3. try not to do 90 in a school zone while Free Bird is playing challenge (impossible)

  4. You can can use Astonish-mint(Astonishment), as i said. Appease-mint doesn't even have anything to do with the word Appeasement. You can say that mint makes other plants astonished. I also think you should add the bowling plant to the family, and perhaps the Sea Shroom from PvZ1

  5. the cummet 😳 (it starts on november 1, the day of no nut november starting)

  6. 2 people called a guy in this subreddit annoying so he is threatening to destroy the earth. this whole thing is pretty annoying tbh

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