1. @corporealnutrition has been posting nearly everyday about his relationship with her, posting her husband’s letters suing him, talking about her having did porn before, how she lost her licence, etc. He’s been airing all their dirty laundry for weeks now.

  2. He's trying to expose Sunny's personal business but nobody really cares because he doesn't have a large following. He sounds like a bitter ex boyfriend that can't move on. How many times a day do you have to say Sunny's cheating on her husband?? I don't understand why female competitors continue to hire male coaches. The partnership almost always ends badly with someone being "exposed" on Instagram. Anyway, Sunny's not the only person in the bodybuilding industry with a messy personal life. @corporealnutrition is tarnishing his own reputation.

  3. I gathered he was a bitter ex bf lol, had to unfollow since he just never posted anything valuable, just whatever shit he had with Sunny’s husband lol

  4. She can start changing lives by helping them homeless people

  5. Some people leave butt sweat in the gym, she leaves discharge

  6. What rando comes up to a woman to say they love their core ?

  7. girl… even my pole dancing shorts don’t go this high up my crack 😭

  8. Same!! I don’t know how she can do kickbacks or squat in those without exposing the 👄

  9. my attitude? literally where lol. my original post was completely cordial. any attitude seen from me has been in response to someone who came at me first.

  10. You’re exhausting, this ain’t the right sub for you

  11. Ok there trippy stardust, theees a reason not a single person agreed with you or upvoted you. You’re in a snark page. If you want to protect these people then go comment on their content talking supporting them.

  12. Both, based on the info in his website he does some call check ins and advice as well as nutritional guidance (likely a meal plan)

  13. I have 3 ladies I personally know who showed me the plans they bought (off season package) and they are exactly the same. Also during check ins, it's not Kim who is doing it. Some check-ins were even missed out from his side. I am glad I didn't buy any of his packages.

  14. I’ll be honest Lawnas physique doesn’t wow me. But she needs a break. She’s looking less and less competitive against girls she could have beat a few months ago. I think being pretty helps her a lot honestly, it contributes to her package.

  15. Who coaches her? I hope they’re not pushing her hard to continuing for the O, that would be so damaging and hard on the body.

  16. All their lower bodies don’t strike me as having the wow pro legs! But maybe it’s just the photos not doing it justice

  17. Agree with the other comments about Francielle and Isa. Isa is personally my favourite pro and I find her representation to be more elegant and closer for the bikini category with stronger legs, but not freaky huge compared to Sunny and Yarishna, who have both been called out for editing their pics

  18. If you can’t find any info on this brand, your coach speaks highly of it, and they have a discount code then it might be a 🚩 to not trust that supplement

  19. Thanks, confirming what I know, makes me feel better. The supplements page is so cheap and weird looking to me too

  20. If you’re conflicted between trusting your coach and listening to your gut definitely try to find a second opinion. I had a coach who had discount codes to all the stuff she wanted me to take but it was terrible quality and was just a money drained. I’d tell her I did bought it but then a few days later would complain about why she never got her commission from my order…

  21. Hello! Details for submissions will be announced soon but as of now we have Trifecta locked up as a food sponsor, Angels as a suit sponsor some smaller various sponsors like sauce companies etc..

  22. This can almost be a reality show on tv or sponsored by YouTube honestly! It helps getting the word out outside the fitness industry. Really cool you’re doing that and it’s so unique to this industry that I’m sure it will get quite a following! Best of luck :)

  23. Hydroxycut, Ripped Fuel and Xenadrine were the days. 😂 I miss those days.

  24. Stop I actually just bought hydroxycut from Walmart 😂😂😂😂 it’s the drink mixes too and quite tasty!

  25. The OG Hydroxy was basically meth if you dosed it wrong haha. It was so wild back in 2000. Literally just raw ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. Seemed normal back then but now it's like ummmm.... what? I worked in supplemet stores starting at 16 years old and sold pure ephedrine for $8 a bottle for 30 25mg tabs of pure ephedrine. Soooo crazy!

  26. I live in Canada and I can literally go to any supplement store and pick up those $8 bottles of ephedrine lol. I tried finding them in GNC in the US once but didn’t know it was illegal 😂😂😂😂😂. I didn’t see ephedrine in the hydroxycut ingredients but maybe that’s just the older ones! Lol

  27. Personally have NOT hired them as coaches but if I was looking for a US based coach I absolutely would no hesitations. I am a part of their FB bikini groups and they are incredibly supportive and provide some really great feedback for free. They are truly one of the few people that cares about the sport and not turn it into a profit. They are encouraging, honest, and very knowledgable. I respect them for their work.

  28. I have personally worked with this team/coach: Yes Overall, I would recommend this teams coaching: Agree Pricing: on site. Different packages available as well.

  29. Hey! Thanks for the detailed comment about your experience. I wanted to know how active were the other people in the group chat during check ins or was it mostly James responding to everything?Were you able to ask them questions throughout the week?

  30. Wear ? A ? Shirt ?? Or put the hoodie on ??

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