1. I use my fitbit app although unfortunately if you log a calorie surplus it turns your input red and like shames you, even for just maintenance. It does separate meals though.

  2. No, this is an unironic real dish, Green Salad. Post war Americans loved their jello and putting random bullshit in it.

  3. Not ugly at all! I love lentils and have been trying to eat more of them myself. Curry lentils are also very nice with rice.

  4. I just use monkfruit because of the calorie difference. You can use whatever you want.

  5. Note: I substituted the peas for spinach, and also read the notes in the recipe. They recommend seasoning changes if using lentils instead of mock meat. Also make sure to check the ingredients of the puff pastery brand you get.

  6. Take him to a dermatologist if you're that concerned, and have a conversation with him about how puberty is completely normal and nothing to feel bad about and acne just happens

  7. Additionally, (here come the downvotes) both niacinimide and vitamin c have absolutely no scientific backing or peer-led, double-blinded, placebo-controlled studies showing their efficacy. It's the same with OTC retinols. The studies backing them up are often company-funded and subject to spin (when the conclusion of the study don't actually reflect the results - this happens a LOT and is really interesting, and scary, to see on pubmed).

  8. Do a black skirt and a bit longer or black skirt with blk tights… the white skirt is too short and tight and would be better in summer with a bit of a tan… the blk and and white top are cute

  9. Tanning = skin cancer. Everyone should just embrace their complexion no matter what it is.

  10. I've seen vasectomy mentions in dating profiles a handful of times and it's so weird. I've never had a conversation with you but I already know the state of your sack thanks but no thanks please just answer the kids question like every other normal guy

  11. I'd say that's probably because of the abortion ban. No accidental life ruining pregnancies with a vasectomy.

  12. I've tried it many many ways. And I only like it fried. I tried so hard to go vegan once and many of the options were great. Tofu was the only consistant failure.

  13. Baked tofu is amazing. Some extra firm tofu, pressed for like an hour, and then marinated however you want. Then bake at 400 for 30 mins flipping them halfway

  14. And you’re saying what? Just move on. That’s what adoptees are told our entire lives while our trauma is swept under the rug. Fuck that.

  15. So she should ruin that poor woman's life and force her to either completely cut ties with her family or relive her trauma her entire life? She already has her own family.

  16. Definitely why you gotta always double up on the contraceptives. IUD + condoms forever.

  17. Honestly it’s pretty disgusting how accepted it is in general. Especially if you’re attractive. Women could straight up sexually assault men in public and nobody gives one because his consent is just implied. For example Hayley Atwell straight up admitted the scene of her touching Chris Evans’s bare chest in Captain America wasn’t in the script she just decided she had the right to touch him because his physique was impressive. It’s really disgusting, especially when so many of these people aren’t even from touchy-feely cultures

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