1. I also find it hard to light bark sometimes, but I can easily light paper towel/tissue after shredding it a bit by hand which helps it catch sparks, maybe that way you won’t need char cloth

  2. Yes kanki you wouldnt use your clan menber as a shield and watch them die in front of your eyes, you would just turn around to not look at it.

  3. I have the field master and love it but it doesn't disappear like the cadet. If the cadet had scissors it would be my go to. The field master just has too much I don't use for EDC. It's my go to when it comes to camping though

  4. It's really well made and the leather smells amazing, great if you're carrying around 4 cards and a folded bill or two, but I've since needed to carry more cards and cash so I switched to a larger more convenient wallet.

  5. Love that pen, I know the color is off in the photo, but I think brass would be really sexy!

  6. It really would! I've been holding back from getting a brass pen like a Kaweco Special or something similar

  7. No no, you see, in that case the evil murderous invaders were Western on a crusade to get oil, and the invaded were brown infidel Muslims, so that automatically means it was the US in the right.

  8. If this guy was real he'd murk 100% of this subs members even bare handed lol

  9. What's that flat thing on your keychain is it a power bank?

  10. Isn't just carrying a protein/energy bar much more comfortable?

  11. Sadly I wish more people his age and above thought like this about their deadbeat dads.

  12. My firearms wishlist includes a Thompson, MP5, Galil, Hipower, and Python.

  13. Decided to swap out the extra fine nib in my daily pen for a double broad. Just got the new nib so this is my test run drawing itself and the other stuff I'm carrying before putting it to work today.

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