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That's a little funny

  1. Yeah same. I'm from a warm climate so I was like, damn they must be rich if they can afford that electric bill!

  2. Oh, um. I guess take ibuprofen today and do interval training throughout until the parade. Build up some endurance and live by the motto “shake don’t break”

  3. He had 5 arms and each arm takes about 50 years to grow each arm. It was probably 200-400 years old. Arms can grow at the same time to balance it's weight


  5. Arcadia 1A. Perry 2A. CV 3A went undefeated, needs to be in 4A. MP 4A.

  6. yeah it’s interesting but its almost all like rock/soul/country music so if you don’t like that you might now have fun

  7. If you read the bill, it eliminates the need for a child under sixteen to need an employment certificate. It doesn’t lower the age kids can get in, it just makes it easier for the ones that can to get in.


  9. I read it, I’m not saying it’s bad, but in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, little Timmy has a better chance of living while working at a McDonald’s than out in the fields with a combine harvester

  10. it depends what you think is reasonably priced lmao, and the limits you have on color and if they all have to be the same model, but i personally think that corps (ex. The Academy has used silver Jupiter horn for just under 3k which is a fucking steal imo) selling used horns would be the best place to look. You should also repost this on the

  11. But, I used some of those horns at dec. and Jan. Camp and those were pretty beat up

  12. United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru

  13. Last year I got flung off a golf cart at home comp, this year we were ratted out by our director for having plastic shot cups with minuscule anoints of kaprisun in them. We were ratted because it was “college behavior”. One of our four trumpets almost lost an eye during rehearsal, I started a multi band “Hey Baby”. I might think of others later, but I can elaborate on any of those

  14. For the trumpet, we were doing our warmup run and he run into what is called a football sled but it’s not the instant result from Google. For college behavior, like I said, it wasn’t even allot. The cup was an inch tall, half inch wide, it got maybe a 16th of in inch full. But ThInK oF tHe ChIlDrEn

  15. Be prepared to be cleaning on a Friday night, just to go back and find it trashed the next night

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