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  1. What does "The Final Season" supposed to mean?

  2. Omgggggggg wowwwwww, can we get some more details?

  3. LOL I guess that depends on what details.

  4. Thats sooo sickk, where did you learn all the electronics and protocols? Looking for advice as i too want to get into it.

  5. Hydrophis sp., sea snake. The sea snakes are !venomous elapids closely related to the taipan and brown snakes of Australia. The flattened tail visible in this photo is an adaptation that helps the sea snakes swim and is usually a good thing to look for to ID them.

  6. Do you think Hook Nosed sea snake, Enhydrina schistosa

  7. don't think these guys pay anything (not the ceos)

  8. Jerking off porn free is literally the most liberating thing. Once its over you have absolutely zero guilt. You just simply move on with your day. Perhaps semen retention has some benefits which I might test out sometime in the future, but for now eliminating porn has been the most important.

  9. My dad's still got his Rotring from 20+ years going good. +1 for Rotring.

  10. WRONG, she never started her own label. She just joined the one created by Skrillex and a couple other people.

  11. Might be dissolved, no name mentioned. Not there on Wikipedia.

  12. don't know, my attention span is shorter than his breath.

  13. Oh really, are those onion links bad? Do you have any other suggestions for it?

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