1. After talking Adderall for a bit over a year and just now taking Vyvanse instead for 9 days. For me Adderall gave me energy...walking every morning for 2 hours even if it's 35 degrees. Focused at work and enjoy doing the tasks. Adderall made me a happy , energetic person. Vyvanse first does have that I guess calm feeling..and it gave me insomnia as Adderall did the first month. Vyvanse made me feel half asleep ..not a good tired .like a sick tired. And I see why it would help Binge Eating because nothing has ever made me more repulsed by all food aside from this pill. I think women must have different experience on Vyvanse because someone on the podcast called Dopamine Kick had the exact experience with fog and sadness on Vyvanse but the guy she was interviewing loved it. Adderall is wonderful. I'd rather have ADHD than Vyvanse

  2. It makes me feel the same way. Compared to Adderall a completely different med.and for me it's totally ineffective I am going back to Adderall tomorrow

  3. And the lavender bag is Neutrogena Cleansing Make-up removal wipes, they are so harsh

  4. Yes My toes are numb and purple during this current winter

  5. The Jeff Lewis podcast episode on 11/18/2022 in the first five minutes she talks about using Monjaro (brand Ozempic) thanks OP I never listened to Jeff Lewis before

  6. I switched fro Adderall due to the shortage. Vyvanse feels like nothing. Adderall works Vyvanse is not comparable. As for the cramping yes it happens with Adderall it's because of the blood vessel constriction on stimulants

  7. I am taking vyvanse because of the Adderall shortage. Vyvanse feels like nothing see if you cn get generic Adderall

  8. I mean I am one that believes the FDA should not allow proceed junk to be labeled as food and know that is the reason for obesity here so I guess I'm on the fringe? But this water guy is a certified loon

  9. Pretty sure Micheal and his dads first company was producing airline/private plane seats? Or something like that

  10. His dad's business is called JetBed even Oprah has one in her Gulfstream created by his dad Gary Bosstick ..but he preaches some lone wolf entrepreneur story

  11. I can't see that they are chased..he was during controversial moments in his life same with Chris Brown othwise they can go's not like they have a kid the paps are dying to get a photo of..and Hailey is D list

  12. I'm one of those SoCal people who hate this weather. It'll be 80 on Christmas, it's so gross. I already have to deal with heat in the summer, I just want some weather that's at least fall-like. I'd take Seattle's weather over this, ice and all.

  13. I lived in Southern California for over 20 suburbs of Illinois I will take Illinois over the maxed out population and no water in California

  14. I will give you an example..Mr.X buys jeans from Amazon on his Visa and he never received them.he calls Amazon but they show delivered.but unfortunately Mr.X did not receive the merchandise. Now what. He calls his credit card company and files dispute against Amazon who is the merchant per their agreement to accept Visa as a payment method..has terms and Visa rips the money out of Amazon account and refunds Mr. X. IN THIS CASE YOU RECEIVED DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE/ MERCHANDISE NOT As DESCRIBED SO YOU WILL CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND LET THEM know..THEY WILL ASK YOU WHAT YOU DID TO REMEDY THE SITUATION..DID YOU CONTACT THE MERCHANT SKIMS? YES YOU ASKED TO RETURN THE GOODS AND THEY TOLD YOU..NOPE. .YOUR CREDIT CARD CO WILL REACH OUT TO THE MERCHANTS BANK.. and likely agree to make Skims the merchant accept your return CALL THE # ON THE BACK OF YOUR CARD ASAP TO FILE A DISPUTE

  15. Lol I live in a capitalist hellscape. It’s 100 percent the discretion of the business.

  16. Dispute it with your credit card company directly by calling the# on the back of the card then will make skims take the return and credit you

  17. Yes because for example I walked for 10 hours one Saturday and my body did that work so I couldn't hate it for that night. It's been so cold out but when I think of how I felt that day I want to repeat it

  18. It's on KTLA.COM and the NY Post. His name is Zarbab he student teacher at UC Santa Cruz?

  19. Rachel Zoe has always promoted Baby2baby..Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba too. But Rachel's instagram link shows Baby2baby trying to raise 40,000 and are at 25,000. It's the hypocrisy..if the many "galas" they have were about actually raising money for the " charity" then 1 dress from anyone there would have them at their goal. I think last year they " honored," Vanessa Bryant

  20. I’ll never forget working a super annoying Christmas fundraiser for B2B. Volunteers were told to wrap gifts to be donated to underprivileged kids, but it became clear fast that it was supposed to look like the rich ladies in attendance had wrapped them. These women truly could not figure it out it was kind of funny. They talked about their lavish vacations and jets while taking selfies. I could not be more surprised that Kim K is one of their new faces. They love a celeb mom who “does it all” and never credits her multiple nannies.

  21. Wow! I mean from what I see online that 's what I thought. Sad it's true

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