1. I’ve heard a lot about frigate, but as an NVR, does frigate have its own card they can display cameras that’s more reliable than what you’ve dealt with?

  2. Is there a specific process you followed? I’ve seen a ton of frigate info and tutorials, what would you suggest as the easiest way to get it installed and functional with a frigate card

  3. Since you're using reolink cams I suggest using the HTTP streams as they seem to be the most reliable. Aside from that just follow the docs. Start with a basic configuration and build from there. The devs are very helpful if you get stuck, just post an issue on github. I would also go for the beta as they just came out with a RC so if you learn on the beta you won't have to adjust your config when it becomes the release.

  4. I'm not sure why it's doing that, but I would turn off Auto Add. That will at least stop it from being re-added without you doing it.

  5. That's the top on the S5. A lot of people replace the front stage speakers (at minimum) and add a sub.

  6. Our last few cars we’ve negotiated the deal by email with their online sales person, which also allows you to contact and compare across multiple dealerships with cars you may like. That gives you time to think and not feel so much pressure. It seems like you can get better deals too since they know you’re comparing across dealers so they have to earn the business with a fair deal. And lots less time stuck sitting in an office while they do the dance - it still takes 30-60min or so for paperwork and whatever they do when you go in to finalize it all, but it’s low stress and mostly hanging out waiting. Highly recommended.

  7. I don't set foot in a dealer until I've negotiated via email and phone. Any dealer that plays the "well you'd need to come in..." game is automatically disqualified. Only one dealer in my experience wasn't willing to give a ballpark trade in value based off VIN and good photos. I also walk if they won't negotiate on dealer installed BS like LoJack and scotchgard.

  8. In the event if their was a failure. Down the road cost for air ride isn’t cheap. Just thinking long term. Lots of components rely on this system.

  9. Ah. Well the system is pretty robust. I've seen some valve block failures, but the bags themselves I haven't seen any problems.

  10. I was about to go 034 stage 1. About to spend a lot more

  11. Do it from the full site, not app. Look on the right side for edit user flair.

  12. You can also do it from the app if you go to the main page of the subreddit, click on the 3-dot menu next to search bar and select change user flair

  13. Yeah the option is there but for some including me it didn't work right, so I always suggest doing it from the web.

  14. Gonna zoomie so hard that grass is gonna become dirt. Ask me how I know.

  15. You can modify the stock airbox. Instructions online. Check audiworld and Audizine.

  16. I've been thinking about trading the S5 for an S7. S cars are a good chunk of the fun and performance of an RS for less money. A 450HP TT V8 is not a bad thing.

  17. My bad! I was just done with my early breakfast to prepare for today's Ramadhan fasting so I was still sleepy posting and forgot to include the links! Here they are now.

  18. The NVR's have a fairly low limit to the number of simultaneous streams that can support. They support two different kinds of streams: "Clear" (4, 5, 8, or 12MP depending on the camera) or "Fluent" (always 640P, regardless of the camera).

  19. That makes sense. I was actually a bit confused about what to do in the app now that I have an NVR and all my cams were added pre-NVR. Once I connected them all to the NVR I tried deleting a cam in the app and since it was added to the NVR it automatically re-added it. There are also some settings available only when going into the cam directly and not through the NVR.

  20. I don't see the purpose of a p trap here. The tops of the vents are open to the room. The condensate is not stinky. Why p-trap it?

  21. In my case it leads outside. The p trap comes out of the wall outside. You don't want lizards and spiders and whatever else making their way into your AC thru the line.

  22. Hi ! Can you pls share a link on how to set this up. Getting my first house & have no idea about this.

  23. Literally just plopped a leak sensor where the water tends to drip out when a clog starts to form.

  24. Make sure my recent backup successfully uploaded to Google drive and smash the button. Today was wild, updates for frigate, Zwave UI, studio code and node red. All went smooth. I actually broke my norm this time, I usually wait at least 3 days to see if any problems get reported.

  25. - type: iframe url: >-" frameborder="0"> aspect_ratio: 50%

  26. Put in your zip on auto trader with a 100mi ish radius and see what they're going for.

  27. Did you also set up VIM. I followed all steps and dual-navigation part I got done and it is working, but for VIM I set it to 199km/h but it still displays the "Vehicle needs to be stationary" message when I start driving.

  28. No I didn't. We all have phones and the limits on the older MMIs for FPS and resolution make it essentially useless. I also don't typically watch videos while driving. Either way, you're not alone. Others on the forums have had the same problem (check out those threads). It works for some but not for others. One guy said he had to adjust some checksum setting and it worked, but another guy did that and it didn't work out for him.

  29. I did my research on getting satellite view back, and unfortunately even with updates, there’s no satmap without an Audi Connect subscription

  30. We religiously change our filter every three months and flush the line at the same time.

  31. I'm good about the filters, have a reminder in my Google calendar. You would think after almost 30 years in FL I'd be better about the drain... Life happens and it gets forgotten.

  32. Sammy is resting on their foldable laurels as there is essentially zero competition in the US.

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