1. It looks like a Bertone design. A little Alfa in the nose, but it’s not a Montreal. I can’t place it. Def mid 70s. Logo looks DeTomaso.

  2. I would have guessed an Alfa Romeo Montreal from the 70’s by the front but I have only seen 1 they are not that common in the USA.

  3. If it isn’t in a car and people can see/ hear it run don’t expect to get top dollar. A name doesn’t fully sell an engine, there are plenty of faulty strokers and race engines that people can show the receipts for but also just happened to ran hard and spun a bearing prior to taking them back out.

  4. I made it through the entire report. It's an incredibly dense slog with a lot of things that are difficult to understand, but what is clear is that it's is unbelievably damning. Hindenburg does not play around with allegations like this

  5. No they just make large shorts before they publish these reports. Hindenburg is one of those companies that use the news of their reports, after taking large positions, to manipulate the market.

  6. I have replaced both of mine once and they are acting up again about time for them to be replaced again. I got factory replacements and I wouldn’t recommend it. They are just a crappy design overall and should have been a recall.

  7. I will warn you to make sure they specialize in your particular vehicle. I took my classic to a speed shop that specializes in what I thought was everything. Long story short was the biggest mistake ever, they sourced my car out and didn’t stand behind anything.

  8. Roof damage with a sunroof will never seal right and if you keep it outdoors you will definitely have a water leak. This car is beyond totaled. Scrap or parts car pretty much.

  9. Where are all the people on this sub finding super cheap Zs??

  10. They show up mostly on Facebook marketplace I find one every couple of months. Usually around the $2k-$3k range. Never found one that had an engine or a transmission that ran in this area for under $2500.

  11. Depends when they are announced. If in the community then those have answered next week they usually go up for preorder, if it is at a major event and they preview what is to come it is usuallly for. The next year and could be released anytime over the next year. Sometimes these get delayed until the following year.

  12. My wife would die before she got me more gaming stuff and no one else in my family is smart enough. Beats the heck out of the socks, undershirts, and wallet I got. Nice haul.

  13. It’s just the top itself, not the motor or the frame of that makes any difference?

  14. If there is a motor or motors or frame damage then it will be a lot more expensive. I did cloth instead of vinal that the factory is. It came with the bands but is quite extensive to replace and is riveted in place and comes with a new back window.

  15. I put a new top on took an afternoon and $500 for the top

  16. Yep and it is just as easy to mess up esp having to rivet it on and be out $500 plus the cost of someone to redo it. Great if it is within your skill set but not within most skill sets.

  17. I don’t have much love for auto cannons, also the predators and Sicarans have some expensive options. Just my critique.

  18. Unfortunately the USA is pushing EV heavily. I could see this being a trend especially with the cost increase in crate engines over the last few years.

  19. It is very interesting, I have only seen turbo set ups like this on mid engine cars, like lambos, so I learned something new today.

  20. Apparently rear setups are becoming more popular especially with turbos now that are air cooled and oil free.

  21. I always thought they were impressive when they bring a lambo in for service and once they pull the rear bumper you see all the piping and the turbos. I wonder how much of a pain it is to get the fuel mix right? It seems a long path and one leak you could lose a lot of effectiveness.should run a lot cooler, interested to know if it runs an inter cooler?

  22. Most heresy players nowadays have a percentage of their army 3d printed or 3rd party resin so don't let it be an issue to worry about. The community in large just wants to have fun so most will just appreciate the effort to field a painted army.

  23. GW pushed more people into 3D printing with HH due to them not being able to provide what was needed/ wanted in a timely manner or at all….

  24. My friend got me into heresy and he bought a printer a few months back, so far he's done me 15 raptors, 20 terror squads, all the weapon sets I needed and armour upgrades, 2 tanks and is currently doing me a knight for Christmas.

  25. That is one heck of a friend. I have done FDM printing for years for terrain, as terrain is super pricey, but aside from having luck with tanks, infantry size models are very difficult to get nice prints, so I had to get me an SLA printer once I got into HH, otherwise you could easily spend a few thousand dollars on one army. I am the kinda guy who likes to have 2 armies so I can teach new players without them having to eat like a $800 or so bill to play a game.

  26. Most are LS1’s which are found in numerous Chevy products. The other LS engines put out more stock power but cost a lot more money and are only available in more limited applications.

  27. He drives a Miata to the tailor to get the sleeves tailored on all his shirts.

  28. Mine had orange neons running under it as well from the previous owner but they never worked. Same lemans sunset color.

  29. That there's no such thing as bad publicity. I'm sure there are cases where bad publicity has worked out for somebody, but if this statement were actually true you would see companies and influencers saying batshit insane things every day because there would be no downside to it. If the CEO of Microsoft came out saying that Hitler did nothing wrong I'm pretty sure their marketing department wouldn't look at that favorably.

  30. That the news reports facts. Many old people still believe this. Most news stations have been operating under the name of “editorial journalism” for years, which means basically they can put their own spin on whatever they want, as it isn’t fully factually based.

  31. Hagerty just listed Manual 350z as a top 10 appreciating enthusiast car. Low miles no mods $40-50k in a few years

  32. At the rate they are being destroyed and abused reminds me of the 240sx all over again. I can totally see this happening.

  33. I had an Exedy clutch in my prelude and it worked well. They are decent quality.

  34. Get it running and you will get about double what you would have before, glad to see you doing it.

  35. Mine is a 2004 and my passenger side air bag sensor was a recall item the dealer replaced in 2006 on mine.

  36. Obviously it wouldn't be such as this car is advertised, but what kept going throuigh my head was: "Please be a Slant 6, Please be a Slant 6"

  37. Not sure about a 71 but I don’t believe the Cuda had a six cylinder, the Barracuda however did.

  38. $35k in that shape for a 71 cuda? better double that based on what I am seeing. If he got it under $60k he got a steal.

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