1. You lack strength in the muscles in front of your tibia.

  2. Both sports are great but this isn't about which sport is better. It's about communication. He wants to do stuff with you, to be more connected with you, but doesn't know how to express it. Why would he be with you if he could be with someone that runs with him? That could be going through his mind.

  3. I just broke up even if everything was going well. Uncertain about what I should do.

  4. As and intermediate artist, I did the course and it was really helpful. Her way of talking about perspective and simplified anatomy is different than what I had seen before (drawabox, peter han, proko, Brent Eviston, NMA, etc). The clothing part really helped me as well, and the homework made me get out of my comfort zone, especially the gesture one. It might be a bit too quick for beginners having no clue how to draw a box or cylinder, but if you have a little base line, it might be really helpful.

  5. 1*Don't advertise your prices / just your sales. (Never disclose your prices because they change a lot depending on how people want to use it.)

  6. what do you mean by just advertise your sales?

  7. the first step is to accept your jealousy. We often learn through media and other people that some feelings are "bad" and shouldn't be felt. Yet, we cannot control our emotions. It's not YOU, who decided to feel jealous, it just came. Let it in, let yourself feel it. It might be a good idea to put a 10 min timer, and wallow in that jealousy. Then you can either use it as fuel to learn try harder and learn faster (be careful not to overwork yourself), or journal and try to understand where it comes from. Are you afraid that your skills are worthless? Are you afraid of being useless? What are you afraid of? Understanding the real source of your jealousy will help you take a step back from that ego and focus on what really matters to you.

  8. Maybe try Whitin barefoot shoes in Wide fitting on Amazon also.

  9. Also to note. Whitin has some in their wide size with a W in the size. They are much wider in the toe box if you find the normal ones narrow. I'd recommend whitin if you have a mid to high volume foot. As taking out the insole is recommend and it opens the shoe up alot as its on the thicker side of insoles

  10. Will probably do that too thank you

  11. Hehe thank you. It can be cropped though. And I have multiple so maybe one is free from the finger :p

  12. The second pic is them drying off their wings - they dive to catch fish but don't have a waterproof coating on their feathers so they spend a lot of time with wings outstretched to dry

  13. Yeah it was fun to watch. I saw it jump out of the water so I figured it was to dry the wings

  14. Good motivational text. Liked the tao touch. Let's continue cultivating

  15. Ublock origins is the best adblocker I tried so far

  16. *sighs* After teaching "family life" as a teacher, having this kind of conversation will actually stiffle his normal development. You can tell him of the negative effects of pornography and that masturbation in doses is okay. You need to teach him how to be disciplined for something that is inevitable; there's nothing wrong with the budding sexual feelings, but maintaining control and leaving pornography alone will go a long way. If you allow him this, ironically, it does not open up to pornography but can open up conversations that he can have with you about his developments. Open that door now so that he knows he can walk through it at his leisure and you can come out to him if it seems something is bothering him.

  17. The more you block, the more one find ways to escape. And the less good open conversations you will have with the person you are controlling. You become a dictator.

  18. I would tell him about the struggles. The father son relationship is lacking because fathers think they need to keep everything black hidden. But everything is black and white and nothing is stronger than the truth.

  19. It doesn't bother the gym but I feel it's bothering your more than anyone else. If you don't want to go you don't have to. Congratulate her kids and say that you are proud of them but say that you aren't feeling comfortable there.

  20. There are tutorials for the head on : Proko's site Loomis head and hands book Angel Ganev course (good course that will force you to really try hard, but you need digital drawing for this) Watts atelier course

  21. Train neck (on back life head, do 10 yesses, 10 nos, 10 maybes (ear to shoulder)) do that often, increase number. Maybe there is better ways this is what I know.

  22. Dead hangs and towel grips hangs. Let yourself a couple days of rest before the competition

  23. The best way to get self feedback that I use is look at some good artist's art, look at what is different from mine and try to apply their techniques to mine.

  24. I guess I have 2 arguments against suicide. The real one is hard to grasp as it is more a realisation I got through meditation and I think it would be better understood by experience.

  25. I guess I have 2 arguments against suicide. The real one is hard to grasp as it is more a realisation I got through meditation and I think it would be better understood by experience.

  26. I don't know your model but I would say maybe be more subtle on the cheeks, so you can reserve more value on other things. Do into the portrait with intention of where you are going to put your darkest marks and lightest values. Very nice portrait btw keep it up!

  27. I know a friend who had kinda the qame problem, but with only the quest icon. It resolved when he did the forced PoC tutorial. He found a way to skip it, but it bugged his game. Try to do every tutorial, it may fix your game.

  28. Oh okay will try. I did the poc one already so I was wondering if there is a tutorial list somewhere

  29. Also in the labs, at first when I open the game they are there but after I quit and open the labs again, the buttons aren't here. Only the empty black tab (top right)

  30. Of course you will grow in a relationship, but if it fixes all your problem, you will cling too much to it, so much that you will cause problems in it. You got dumped for a reason. I sad that it happened that way, but hopefully you'll see that you can make progress outside of a relationship, to hopefully be happy in one.

  31. Also man if you're cold you might get poor blood flow so heat it up.

  32. What if someone can't have sexual orgasm with women???!

  33. Its time for a brain reboot my friend.

  34. Hunter gatherers actually don't fap. A scientist explained to them how to, and 3/4 of the sperm samples came back with vaginal secretions. Once you're used to women, fapping is weird. The reverse is also true.

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