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  1. I got in like at 11:30 at the show I went to this month and was behind a group who was following them on tour. Only four of them so I felt confident I would get barricade. I tried chatting them up but they were so fucking gatekeepy and awkward like because I didn’t follow afi on tour I wasn’t as much of a fan lol and then another traveling group got in line behind me and they got mad I wouldn’t let them go in front of me? And they literally said “dude no offense but we’ve never seen you” like? Ok cunt get bent. Yeah those people seem entitled and shitty. Thankfully I’m a taller stronger guy so I got to the barricade but yeah they had zero concert and line etiquete.

  2. Once the music starts. All bets are off. If I want to get up to the front I’m getting there. This is a punk/hardcore rooted band. It’s survival of the fittest in the front area and pit. I’m not saying punching, kicking or violence of any kind is ok but if the mic is into the crowd you better believe a bunch of people are crawling over the top to get to it. You should know that if you want to be up front.

  3. Apparently there are those who will attempt to cut line outside, like at the NYC show back at Terminal 5 in 2017 and when they're told to get fucked, they'll bumrush others during the show and start throwing punches then get flipped off by Davey Havok for being absolute fucking pieces of trash to others.

  4. Yeah that’s pretty lame. What’s also lame is thinking because you stood in line that you get the rail. If the surge moves you and somebody else gets there. You need to earn your way back there. I’ve seen people punching because they lost their spot.

  5. The plywood is the obvious fix for this but I agree it defeats the purpose of why I bought the slim fit. When installed the panel sits 15mm from the wall, add in the plywood and you more than double that. I’ve raised a case with Samsung and will update the OP with what they come back with.

  6. Don’t listen to them. That plywood install is unnecessary and you won’t see any AV professionals doing that. I’ve hung every kind of TV from 26”-85”. Just screw one part of the mount into one stud and then use toggle bolts for the other side. I promise you the tv will never move.

  7. I didn't think about articulating mounts! Tilts and flats are the same to me but you are 100% right about articulating mounts! Studs are mandatory and with LAG bolts not drywall screws.

  8. Yep. Lag bolts on those are required.

  9. attach 3/4 in plywood wide enough to span 3 studs, your stud and the ones on either side of it.

  10. that’s overkill and unnecessary. 2 screws in the stud and toggles will hold pretty much any current tv without a problem.

  11. Depends on the length of the tv mount not the length of the Tv. The mounts are typically around 20 inches.

  12. I agree. They think that they can beat the rates of banks.

  13. You’re spending over $800 a month on a rogue? A rogue isn’t a bad car but that payment is ridiculous regardless if you can afford it. Did you really buy a $42000 car with no down payment and are proud of that?

  14. It’s around 10 min a pound at 300. That’s a guide make sure to keep an eye on it and pull at 165 in the breast, 180 in the thigh.

  15. Soma in San Diego always has bad acoustics. Very few bands sound good there. They always sound better when they play the SD Observatory IMO.

  16. Australia, because it seems like everything in Australia is designed to kill humans.

  17. You’re allowed to bring them to Lowe’s and Home Depot, people do this to get puppies used to being around people, things, in public etc. We did this with our puppy but had him on a short leash and taught him to be calm around strangers. People are usually stupid and let their guard down and shit like this happens

  18. I have dogs and thats what parks are for. Taking your dog to Home Depot to train them to be around people is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

  19. The dumbest thing you’ve ever heard? That’s really mild if it’s true. Our puppy did not listen when outside, he was extremely focused on sniffing the grass/nature and no amount of treats would get him to listen to commands, if he saw other dogs he would bolt to them and it did not help even if we started far away and worked our way to more distractions because there were dogs everywhere. At Home Depot he was able to lay on the cold floor and let people pet him as we rewarded him for staying calm without the distraction of smelling grass/ nature and too many dogs. It worked well and now he’s not reactive and listens to commands, doesn’t jump on people. It’s not that deep, what might be a bad experience for you and your dog could work well for other people

  20. In relation to training a dog, yes going to HD is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard. The amount of things that could go wrong in essentially a warehouse, not to mention you involving the unassuming public in the training of your dog is wrong. And contrary to popular belief dogs don’t need to be trained solely with positive reinforcement/treats. Some need discipline and being told no to set boundaries. By that, I’m not saying any kind of spanking or being physical with them. Many breeds need to know you are in charge and won’t be pushed aside. Otherwise they won’t respect you and will be poorly behaved.

  21. If you didn’t buy a natural turkey then it is most likely already brined. Look on the wrapper. It will tell you if it’s already been brined.

  22. Mostly they’re jealous they can’t live/make it there. CA is great if you can afford it and a lot of people can’t. No different than NYC, London, Paris.

  23. GM’s realize that three true outcome players really are just bad at the sport they’re payed to be a part of.

  24. I get it if they’re not married but that’s nuts even in the most of catholic homes

  25. Catholics are not the ones with these rules in my experience. It’s the crazy evangelicals that belong to ridiculous mega-churches.

  26. From my very limited understanding there are two generalized approaches with orthodontia. In crude terms, work with what you have, as in apply braces and move the teeth slowly over time or even wait until the teeth come in and then start moving. Or. Do it now which means removal of teeth to “make room” and ensure that the teeth won’t move as you age and grow.

  27. I’m on my third kid with braces. Finding a orthodontist that isn’t just a salesperson is key. The person who does my kids braces kept saying to wait until the teeth were in. It’s not a rush. Many of my friends kids go to a certain popular practice that always does stage 1 braces(3rd/4th grade) then stage 2 braces (middle school). I paid under $5k they paid $10k.

  28. You nailed it. It’s a massive money making machine. Done under the guise of “if you love your child” makes me cringe at some places.

  29. That’s exactly what we did and I learned all About this. Our oldest had a bit of an underbite. The popular practice with the video games in the lobby wanted to do the multi-stage approach. Went to a different practice. They said, we can make him a ramp for his underbite that’s covered by insurance. After that we’ll get the braces going once his teeth are ready. I’ve recommended this practice to all my friends.

  30. How so? The larger the pipe the easier it is to pull the wire. Aluminum wire for services is hard enough to pull as it is, why make things harder on your self. Sure a 2-2-2-0 is about 7/8" of an inch, so 2" PVC is larger than the 1 1/4" Conduit required, but it's not that much more.

  31. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Just use a 2”-3” conduit. It’s easy. Lol. You’ve obviously never ran like that big. You’re the type of person who knows just enough to be dangerous. This is a garage. He needs maybe a 60 amp sub panel. It needs a 1” conduit 1-1/2” if you want to future proof it. Most houses have a 100 amp service fed with a 1-1/2 -2” conduit if it’s underground for the entire house not a garage. You’re over complicating a simple job. Also, do you realize that a 100amp sub-panel can’t even fit a 3” conduit. Did you know a 3” conduit doesn’t fit inside a 2x4 wall. A 3” conduit also typically needs two people to run in order to ensure the pipe fits all the way into the bell end. Price difference for 100’ of 2” vs 3” is around $300-400 depending on where you buy it. This doesn’t include all the 90’s and fittings that are a huge price difference as well.

  32. Again you’re projecting yourself into this guys small garage project. To do what you’re talking about would likely require a main service upgrade. I’m literally an electrician. I know exactly what all the specs are for charging cars. Even with two EV’s you realistically still only need one charger. You don’t need to get gas everyday so in most cases you don’t need to charge everyday. I also know all the wire sizes and conduit fills. As for the 3” conduit fitting in the panel. The conduit width is wider than the panel. That’s why it doesn’t work.

  33. Hopefully not more than 2 years with an option for 3. He’s a good player and I want him here but multi year contracts to guys Uber 35 are scary.

  34. Seeing these posts makes me glad I got season tickets in the 100’s when we were still trash lol

  35. I got mine in 119 (blue plan) last year and was able to move them to 120 on the aisle during relocation event. I got lucky with that move.

  36. He usually doesn’t but he could also use a Looper pedal.

  37. Appreciate the advice, unfortunately I’ll be traveling for work during the general on sale time and I’m a planner that just wants to get the most bang for my buck. I know it won’t sell out and and I’m not really stressing, was just hoping to secure some good seats for when we plan to be in AZ

  38. Well here’s the code. It’s SPRING23. Have fun. You should be able to buy now since it’s the season ticket code.

  39. Thanks!! Just ordered a pair

  40. GA tickets are up to $500 now and it's still on pre-sale. Lots of money to be made by scalpers.

  41. It’s TM not private scalpers. This show doesn’t have a big enough national buzz to get the Taylor swift level bots going from the real scalpers.

  42. I too only do something 24 more times if the first time doesn't feel like it's worth it.

  43. Well considering I’m from San Diego and have been listening to them since I bought their demo tape when it was in the consignment section. Seeing them that many time isn’t tough when they played at the local clubs all the time. You also seem to not read that I said they aren’t worth the premium they are getting for the ticket. I did not that they aren’t worth seeing them at all.

  44. Right? And ticket prices have only soared in the last 5-10 years.

  45. Yeah it was pretty cheap. I’ve seen them recently and even those shows on the floor were under $100.

  46. Qualifying offer. It means if we sign them we will forfeit 500k from international draft and 2nd & 5th round draft picks if i Remember correctly.

  47. The padres are over the cbt so it’s $1mil theyd lose in the int draft

  48. If they did all 13 tracks (and maybe even the spoken word) plus the b-sides, that's an entire set.

  49. They really need to start playing longer than 90 min sets. Especially at this upcoming show. They really have no excuses not to. I just saw Elton John. If at 75 he can play and sing for 2-1/2 hours. AFI should be able to play for a similar amount of time.

  50. Elton isn’t jumping all over stage is he? Maybe davey needs more piano solos

  51. First off, I went to my first show in ‘95 I more than know what Davey does on stage. I’ve even met and talked to him at a different bands concert. Honestly, one of the nicest guys I’ve talked to from a band I like. That being said, there is no reason they can’t play longer, he’s 46 yo and in great shape. If you want a list of other bands/front man that play longer than 90 min, here you go.

  52. 2 years for 12-14. If its impossible to do it less than 10 a year then I don't want him. Fangraphs projection is 1 year 10 mil. So multiple years will be cheaper

  53. That’s around what Drury would be looking for. Gallo is not worth that amount of money. Until he actually has a positive impact on a team he doesn’t deserve a multi year deal and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve 7 mil a year.

  54. I would definitely want Drury over Gallo btw. I don't think they will be getting him close to that.

  55. Obviously contract amounts are just speculated by sports writers but I believe Drury was around 2/yr 16 mil on one of the sites I saw.

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