Let’s play a game.

A glowing commendation for all to see

A smol, delicate danger noodle.

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. People are talking about new ortex numbers from the past couple days where shares are being returned not realizing that the numbers they are releasing are from weeks ago

  2. They are just cycling their FTDs... It'll catch up :)... Might see some covering today out of panic.

  3. They just get adjusted with the split at whatever ratio it is.

  4. Yes, but they won't have any collateral to keep it down... No bank will lend them.

  5. Keep in mind some people will move their GME profits from options to BBBY... Like myself, BBBY is primed, time to go all in!!

  6. Let's see if there is an acquisition coming out..

  7. I have a soft spot for BBBY, and am 90% GME 10% BBBY (0% popcorn obviously).

  8. Bought $20c before earnings .... Going to put it all on Bobby this week.

  9. Float would be DRSd if it went down again like that...

  10. Puts are not shorts, puts just expire worthless. Shorts need to be closed out at some time

  11. That's just how fintel shows it, but they are short positions.

  12. I usually like the pull out method, but tomorrow I want to make a BBBY!

  13. Absolutely this. They are a fiduciary to the stock holders. All the shit that has happened especially the run ups have been shit on by the board. I’m still in but I feel I’m being duped. Which could follow a lot of lawsuits. I feel like any news is FUD especially when nothing comes from the board. I truly don’t know what to do anymore. FRUSTRATED.

  14. Everything is about timing. Read the whole play and not a what if this happens scenario. We got a lot of plausible things that can make us run with shorts covering. Head up it's about to get spicy!

  15. Can anyone with bloomberg access check bbby short positions of credit suisse please? Someone did it for gme and number is enormous!!!

  16. Wasn't that in 2021... Could have changed for better or for worse, but I'm interested as well.

  17. Holy shit HSBC is about to own all the banks out of this with Bobby!

  18. China is just a scrambled up mess...

  19. What about FTD obligations warehouses and all the stuff hidden in ETFs and complicated swaps?

  20. Maybe the Fed's see a new crisis and that's why we haven't heard something about the banks by 6pm.

  21. Don't forget FOMC is coming up! Regardless if they say it's paused or they increase it, the market is going to take it the wrong way.

  22. Look at the short amounts for this month, my gawd... No wonder they are clawing back the naked shares with the R/S before it gets too bad. Seems like we will have a positive days this week.

  23. Could this be to get the investors to claw back their borrowed shares to vote?

  24. Holy fucking shit. Excuse my language.

  25. It's stuff like this, I think BlackRock wants their cut out of this Bobby pie.


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