1. 175 cm tall and absolutely love wearing heels, the higher the better! I don’t mind being taller than the guy while wearing heels , I feel more dominant that way 😅

  2. I’m 5’10 and don’t like heels because I find them difficult to walk in. I don’t care if they make me taller, its more a balance thing

  3. Yea, I’ve had to do some naked runs in the past for losing beer pong or being dared or just because we decided it was time to run through the senior housing at college naked.

  4. At the time I was 12 maybe 13 we went camping and the doors in the shower rooms were faulty so any way I didn’t care about how faulty the doors were I humped my towel and ended up moaning a little louder than expected.

  5. I’ve complimented over 100 women’s toes and I say I like your feet/toes and they love it. My uni student advisor knows I like feet and yesterday I told her that I like her feet. And she loves that I love feet

  6. I’ve thought about it, but I can’t think of a way to compliment them without sounding weird.

  7. Not exactly heels but if you look up "heeled flats with open sides" they drive me absolutely insane.

  8. Medium/low wedge heels are about the only kind of heels I can tolerate tbh, otherwise don't like 'em

  9. I was 17/18 - probably one of the worst ages in terms of trying to abstain. Didn’t help I had a ex telling me constantly how she wanted to be the first to try it out

  10. I can not answer that specifically but what I do like is to scrunch my toes on his balls.

  11. It’s a question I’ve been asked a few times. For me I think the difference is who is doing it. To expand on that, I’ve only dated one foot guy but have done a handful of private sessions in the past. So I do like it when I’m making the person I’m dating happy and I feel neutral when it comes to it being done in a session.

  12. I know where you are coming from and for me it depends more on how young they look. If I can't see their face it helps too. I feel like feet can differ so much but age isn't the only factor.

  13. I think he likes it when feet are paired up with sick bass solos and smooth guitar riffs

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