[OC] Ski Resorts in North America

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  1. Would love to trade some of my Baseball for low-mid end Lions rookies from the last few years!

  2. Have a swift optic rocket 🚀 SSP (emoji is what’s on the card). Hutchinson absolute auto /35

  3. Dumb question but you tried all the display ports/hDMI, and dvi ports right?

  4. Yup! Tested them all. And even repeated the card. Thanks for making sure!

  5. Hey are you local to NOVA. I know some cheaper PCs available and can help you out if you are

  6. There’s one on northern Virginia Craigslist for $250

  7. Price.. probably too much but always worth an ask

  8. Yup it was a typo. You can’t change a title

  9. Thank you , yeah I know it’s a long shot but gotta try everywhere, I want to say I seen it on eBay a year ago but I can’t find anything. Good luck to you too bud

  10. I’d also check Facebook groups. People are very well connected in there

  11. I have a national treasures Brian Robinson /99 booklet auto if you’re interested

  12. I have TLAW message me if you’re still looking for it

  13. Love this! I also have a couple autos from the $1 bin of him

  14. If you ever want to part with the Ken walker. Let me know

  15. 19348 is local so it's probably 2-2.5hrs depending on traffic.

  16. Ah yes. That’s a bit far for me. Thank you!

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