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  1. You could always have soup, Broth, watermelon, melon, cucumber or any other food with a high content of water if you aren't keen on drinking. I find Broth really easy and palatable to drink in the winter.

  2. Same. Even the other autism subreddits aren't great. People are generally vile on reddit so it's really comforting to know this subreddit exists. It's a lovely supportive community.

  3. (For reference I was just diagnosed at 24) As a young child I was fairly social, I was very happy and smiley. My kindergarten and first grade teachers suggested holding me back due to behavior issues but didn’t because I had good grades. I struggled with staying on task and following directions in school. I also would rush through my school work too fast. I would talk to many other kids but I didn’t always get along with them it just wasn’t normal socialization. I guess I had issues with interacting with others in terms of not being able to share or needing to be in control of any games. I think this is common for high functioning females.

  4. The school reports mentions her struggles with staying on task, I thought that was only an adhd struggle but it's interesting to know it can be an autism struggle too.

  5. I’m so glad you’re doing that! My mum never told me I was Autisic and I spent so much of my childhood/teen life trying to figure out what was “wrong” with me, when I found out Im Autistic it all made sense and I could do stuff to stop my destructive behaviour involving socialising. You’re seriously a great person for wanting to help her along, I wish I had that :,)

  6. Me too. We have to do better for our children if we can. My parents are very invalidating of my experiences. It's difficult knowing you're different as a child but not knowing why. I'm glad you were able to stop your destructive behaviour 😊

  7. I was that mentally unstable during pregnancy I went in to a mother baby unit and my baby was fine. She's 2 and a half now and is hitting all her milestones. I was ill from the very beginning. It takes a lot to harm your baby. Is this your first? If so, get some support in place for after baby comes because it can get a lot worse.

  8. I would. If you are already this stressed out now, by the third trimester you might be feeling worse because your hormones are all over the place then. Plus if you have a good therapist they can look out for signs of post natal anxiety/depression after baby is born and help you. Sleep deprivation can make everything harder to handle. I hope everything settles down for you in your second trimester and you can enjoy some of your pregnancy.

  9. That's not legal if they aren't on the tenancy agreement. Has the landlord agreed this? You should get an updated tenancy agreement and be told that people are moving in.

  10. I used to love it but could never go in with complete sensory deprivation. I always had to be touching the side or listening to music or I would start hallucinating and believing I didn't exist which would freak me out. However, once you get used to it, it really is quite wonderful. Apparently its really good to realign your back and your neck too.

  11. That must have been so scary! I wonder what caused the hallucinations.

  12. I don't know but the owner said its quite common when your brain has nothing to focus on it makes things up. It took so long to get used to the complete blackness though. It isn't really for people who are terrified of the dark imo.

  13. I'm never late because I'm so anxious about being late that I'm always 15+ minutes early

  14. I came here to say something similar. Being on time is late for me and I massively overestimate how long things take so I am always early. That's something really stressful about having kids because they are so unpredictable you end up being late for things.

  15. Dan Harmon is a creep as well. He made a pilot show called Daryl which is really questionable and disturbing. It was supposed to be funny but it wasn't. So the fact Justin seems to be a total piece of shit as well isn't surprising.

  16. It's actually really sad what's been happening on this sub. The fact the mod does nothing feels like they are enabling troll behaviour by way of silence. Considering what others have said that they use the "troll" rhetoric as an excuse not to give up the position of a mod is ridiculous and to be honest hypocritical. This has been going on for too long. We need a safe space as a marginalised and misunderstood community. It isn't right that this is happening when others have said they'll happily take over.

  17. I get vestibular migraines which are migraines plus vertigo. I also have constant tinnitus so shutting off everything when I'm overstimulated is really difficult. But I've just learned to live with them now. I don't function at all on the days and nights I have them but there's no cure unfortunately.

  18. Yup also recently found out I suffer from vestibular migraines as well as normal, cause I woke up one day and couldn’t stand I was so dizzy and it lasted for days!

  19. Me too. Mine can last from a couple hours to a week. I hate the nausea that comes with the vertigo. It's just an awful thing to deal with isn't it. But I am very lucky in that my migraines aren't severe and really painful.

  20. I've tried sertraline, citalopram, prozac, mirtazapine, venlafaxine, and another one and all of them gave me horrific side effects, especially venlafaxine and mirtazapine. They are awful medications in my opinion. And really difficult to get off. I'm currently on proprananol (beta blocker) for my anxiety which is the only thing that has worked without side effects.

  21. Well he made his profile on the 4th Jan this year so it seems like he's just another pathetic troll to be honest.

  22. From December 2019 till around September of last year it was daily. It's the biggest reason I was diagnosed with BPD because of the amount of suicide attempts in such a short space of time. Pregnancy and covid just destroyed me. I've come to realise since it's more likely autism and cptsd that's the issue and am waiting for an assessment this year.

  23. I have 4 and I love them all. All are special interests of mine - one is a musical manuscript (played the piano for 30 years), one is my name on Egyptian hieroglyphics, one is the ankh and eye of horus symbols (I love Egyptian mythology) and one is a dream catcher with an atom in the middle, an ohm symbol and the Latin phrase "in somnis veritas". Somnis means dreams, veritas is truth. I had that last one done when I was going through a spiritual phase. I want another but can't afford one. I actually find the sound of the tattoo needle really soothing so the process doesn't tend to bother me, plus the noise means you don't have to speak and it's one-on-one.

  24. Well vitamin deficiencies can cause a plethora of health problems and certain vitamins help absorption of others (e.g Vitamin D for better absorption of calcium, vitamin C for iron etc). Magnesium is really important for the central nervous system. So if you can tolerate them you are best taking one. But they aren't all made with the same quality. Also multivitamins high in vitamin Bs taste awful.

  25. AITA is absolutely riddled with troll posts and that post reads like a classic inflammatory troll post. I'm personally not going to let that one get to me, I'm willing to bet it was written by a teenage boy.

  26. Yeah I'm always suspicious when the account is brand new (it was made on the 2nd Jan 2023) and is only a part of AITA and TrueOffMyChest which are known for fake posts, karma farming or troll posts.

  27. I watched two episodes and was too bored to continue.

  28. Me too 😂. Plus that type of storyline has been done before and there was nothing in it that made me want to watch anymore. She was okay but I don't understand the hype around it.

  29. I love those things!!!! I bought myself a Mewaii cat awhile back and love that bad boy too. Forty-four inches of soft and snuggly cuteness. I highly recommend them if you like Squishmallows. 😌

  30. I've just had a look and they are so cute 😍 plus that's an amazing size I can imagine it's super comfortable 😊

  31. I was late to the Squishmallow hype but got two this year and i cannot sleep without them! they’re extremely comfy. I also got one for Christmas from my sister that’s Hello Kitty!

  32. Hello kitty 😍😍 that's amazing. I don't think I could be without mine now.

  33. I've recently got mine (I'm 35F) for mild hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears which I have constantly).

  34. bonus points if you complete the game 95% of the way (maybe even multiple times) but can't bring yourself to finish it or to uninstall it so it just sits there until you get desperate for disk space. (this might just be a "me" thing)

  35. I do this every time. I don't think I've ever actually fully finished a game. It's too laborious to do the last 5%.

  36. I love shopping but only in the same places where I know where everything is and when it's quiet. I love making lists and wandering around getting my items 😊. I like that everything is organised too.

  37. How did you get out of the depression? I'm definitely going to ask to try another antidepressant cause I don't know how people get out of this. I think my brain is just broken because I've tried all the vitamins and eating healthy. Light therapy, ect. It's just me unfortunately. It's so easy to just feel like a failure.

  38. Post natal depression can last for 3-4 years so it can take a while. I had it really badly with both of mine and no medication helped (I'm sensitive to side effects and antidepressants have never helped). The only thing that has helped is support, rest when needed and therapy. You can't really get yourself out of it without that because motherhood is really difficult. You are completely valid in how you feel. Not enough mums say how it actually is. You are not failing.

  39. You haven't mentioned vertigo which is a major component of Meniere's disease, plus it is rare. I have bouts of vertigo, hearing loss and constant tinnitus and even I don't have it. I have vestibular migraines instead. Tinnitus can be stress related but they don't know a lot about it, just that hearing loss can be the cause. My hearing aids actually help my tinnitus whilst I'm wearing them.

  40. I had an audiogram in July that showed normal hearing.

  41. It doesn't get like that without serious damage. Ive only got mild hearing loss and I went to raves and concerts in my 20s without any hearing protection. If it was July chances are it hasn't changed since then unless you've literally had your head next to an Amp when it's been on. I would speak with a therapist about your OCD before going to this appointment in January. Tinnitus can be stress related, you also get tinnitus spikes where its a lot worse for a little bit.

  42. I don't like eerie but I do love anything that is sinister.

  43. Diagnosed BPD but currently waiting for assessments for autism and adhd because a lot of my emotional dysregulation is around being either over or under stimulated. I also don't have a fear of abandonment but rejection sensitivity.

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