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A sense of impending doom

  1. Attacking the capitol, shooting up power stations, shooting up gay bars, etc etc.

  2. Ok let me reiterate: how are they a threat relative to far more serious threats like neocons or corporatocrats?

  3. I see this as an absolute win. Soldier don’t serve America, they serve the American government.

  4. He probably never had it. He just said that to Starlight to seem more normal.

  5. Good god that’s sad but probably true. He really is the show’s most tragic character.

  6. Definitely my least favorite dlc even though I was the most excited to play it. I love alien stuff. 👽

  7. I’d been warned ahead of time that it was awful. My expectations were low but holy shit I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad.

  8. For the record, I don’t think this movie is a flawed masterpiece, I think it’s dreadful, easily the worst Batman movie I’ve ever seen and I fail to see how Batman and Robin could be any worse.

  9. TWAU's climax of the Crooked Man's trial falls to pieces if you haven't played the game being as violent as possible, he'll look like a fool with no actual argument against the Bigby. But him being overly violent is also contradictory to the Fables canon because it's said in the comics the guy has had a clean record ever since he was employed. It's crass how nobody sees this as an issue.

  10. I took her with us because I wanted to kill her myself and watch her turn. The alternative, being an unconfirmed, offscreen death, was a horrible idea.

  11. Honestly I see this as a win win. Arms dealing is about as immoral as taking drugs, which is to say, it isn’t.

  12. Season 2 probably. His rugged look with big soft eyes, only to get his face smashed in perfectly captures who he is.

  13. I don’t mind trying bugs, seaweed tastes good, and I don’t mind vegetarian alternatives. But “artificial meat” just sounds wrong.

  14. The Clementine alone ending. Just breathtaking. You’ve got the heartbreaking goodbye with Kenny as he dies, Clem’s first use of the F-bomb at Jane leading to her deciding on her own independence, and then the wordless scene of her walking out into a field of walkers with my favourite shot in the entire series. I like the Wellington ending but Clementine Alone will always be my favourite ending.

  15. Yeah I agree on some points about the walkers and the wind turbine. The writers probably did make the adults too stupid tbh. They needed to have them a bit dumbed down so that Clementine could have more of a role in how things played out. But maybe they had them a bit too dumbed down.

  16. I think both seasons have very good and very bad elements to them and I can’t wait to replay them for my review :3

  17. Even with all of its problems, Season 2 is undoubtedly better to me. Absolutely nothing in Season 2 is as offensive and lazy as the way Kenny's death was handled in the flashback.

  18. That’s fair, that is my biggest problem with ANF, despite liking the game overall

  19. Agreed. The season does pick up once he’s in it but so much potential is wasted with literally every other character.

  20. NWH is awful. Honestly, “mid” is my S tier for phase 4, and there’s not a lot in it.

  21. I support this in theory but there’s a huge issue with this in practice: the state.

  22. What was the justification? Also, you can buy seeds online and I highly recommend you do.

  23. I think people overlook the politics of the RTD era because the show had so much more to offer than politics, as opposed to Chibnall’s episodes which are bland and dull, offering nothing but political commentary.

  24. I don’t think it should be. Extremely dangerous supes already exist, the cat’s out the bag. If anything, it should be more accessible, with more companies pooling resources to replicate and improve on it and kill Vaught’s monopoly.

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