1. It wont go gold any time soon and we will already know the release date prior so zero percent chance it comes before June. All signs indicate a delay to November with the big reveal in June at E3 or whatever the new event is now. If it was ready now we would have gotten the big reveal instead of more radio silence. Writing is on the wall.

  2. The Starfield support site literally says first half of 2023, so unless theres an official announcement this is what we have.

  3. I imagine it would be quite the challenge to make a sequel that's rhythm based AND open world. Just thinking of everything reacting to the music, having to design around that, what songs are playing. It can be done, I'm sure, but having levels makes more sense from a development point of view.

  4. Just finished the first level too. I just burst out laughing the way the level summary pooped up.

  5. Bruh are you kidding me this looks so fun, what an excellent surprise!

  6. Picturing a human only Halo makes me cringe, what would the point be? Don't get me wrong I love my halo lore but stories like insurections are there just to flesh out the world, not be playable. Last thing halo needs is to be a generic military fps.

  7. To explore n interesting time in the universe that’s sorely in need of some fleshing out?

  8. But that still had The Covenant. A Halo without forerunner, aliens, ancient mysteries etc. just ain't Halo. And in the grand scheme of 100,000 years of Halo history, this is the LEAST exciting time to make a game out of imo.

  9. I really hope Bethesda isn’t behind on the Starfield event…

  10. The only thing I suspect will be a surprise is maybe some game pass announcement, 'cause January be dry. Other than that bring on Redfall

  11. Microsoft mentions Starfield --> this sub cums.

  12. If you’re enjoying Rise then I highly recommend playing World. Best game in the franchise by far. For me at least

  13. I prefer rise over world. Rise fixed the problem which has me drop World in the first place, which was having missions count as complete in your world after finishing them in someone else's lobby. Don't even get me started on having to be on the same mission to begin with.

  14. Not from what I recall... I may be wrong and I couldn't figure it out last time, but me and my friends all bailed because the structure wasn't straight forward and messages popped up like saying we couldn't join because we weren't on the same mission.

  15. Bruh your whole comment history is pathetic and sad, is all you do is talk shit about people being on Reddit... On Reddit? Talk about pathetic life, this guy has never been happy, ever.

  16. Too much shit in the air about release date, I'll wait for the showcase

  17. The tutorial and controls have to be the least user friendly for a game I’ve played. It’s hella confusing for someone new to the franchise. But I’m slowly getting the hang of it and I see the appeal.

  18. I don’t get this. Having a game prominently featured on the box like that used to mean the game was packaged with the system. When did that change?

  19. If this is the future of Halo, I wonder what will become of Chief. I think his story needs to come to an end, but Infinite can't be how he says goodbye!

  20. Why does it need to end lol. Mario doesn't end, Zelda doesn't end. Why should Chief end.

  21. He's getting old. Those characters you mentioned dont really have a chronological time line like Chief, who is in his 50s. Maybe a reboot to make a him fresh again but only time will tell now.

  22. And because they can't do an original IP to save their life.

  23. Starting a new IP takes years and energy and money, that's even if it gets the chance to be greenlit. there's so much to starting something new other than just coming up with an idea especially with the size of the budget for a video game these days.

  24. "Single-player narrative does not offer strong player retention".

  25. Yeah this comment from them is fucking dumb. They have player retention tools in MCC via daily/weekly/monthly campaign/co-op challenges, which should be in Infinite as well. They have an answer sitting right under their fucking noses, but all challenges in Infinite are Multiplayer only so fuck me I guess.

  26. I don’t like the guy personally, at all really, but his journalism is pretty top notch. He’s usually accurate and timely with his reporting. He’s just an asshole to people.

  27. I never heard any of this before. Never heard of/seen interactions with others until now. His journalism is top shelf, I own one of his books!

  28. I don't understand this comparison at all, he's just really well connected?

  29. Fluff "news" articles aren't for everyone, but we sure love them!

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