I’m stuck at work for 144 hours in a row and no one is coming

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  1. "No alcohol on the premises allowed."

  2. You don’t need a citizenship to work in the US though?

  3. That's not what lucidum is saying. I worked in the Middle East and couldn't tell you how many people said to me I want to move to Canada so my kids can have a good education and I can get health care when I'm old! 3 years, get citizenship, Canada is a backup plan and they don't have any real ties to the country.

  4. Stop pretending we are so much better than the Sates; we are not. Any kind of skilled professional will immediately see an improvement in their lives in the States than wasting their talents here.

  5. And are you still living in Canada? Why?

  6. I’m a skilled professional who has been living in the US for 9 years. I get higher pay, better quality of life, better weather, less tax, lower COL, no Covid theatre. There is a reason people are leaving Canada for the US but not the other way around

  7. No covid theatre? Did you mean no covid theater? /s

  8. I am turkish but live in the west and learning the arabic language so is it possible they still treat me like the way you discribed?

  9. Great experience in UAE. Am white, professional, have high security clearance that allowed me to work in a professional foreign environment, not with locals. BTW, the locals don't much talk to other Arabs in the GCC as they are regarded as "less" and I doubt they would engage you in Arabic even if you tried. That said there are always exceptions to the rule and I did have very few but pleasant interactions with locayl as they are generally very polite. Don't get into their bad book though 😅

  10. Yes, Vancouver. The lowest paid doesn't mean poverty line though. Yes there are expenses but really, he's making a good living and I wouldn't say he's poor. The same doctors that refuse to type your blood because "if you get in an accident they'll type your blood anyway and it is an economic burden on the system" (I was traveling abroad) are the same ones that, every time, make you have an appointment to repeat a prescription you've been taking daily for 30 years. What's the bigger burden on the system?

  11. I never said anything about MDs in BC living on the poverty line.

  12. Relax, I never said you said that. And the line "even after 30 years we still have to monitor you..." I've heard before but it falls flat when I just go there and sit while he types it in on the computer and prints my prescription. Even worse most times it's over the phone. No reason to not let the pharmacy fill it in and require that I come in every six months to monitor me. It's always hard to realize you are the problem, some doctors also have this blind spot.

  13. I looked at this site. It looks dated. The top article in the home page is from a year ago!

  14. I recommend look harder. Or research other site. We help but no do research for you.

  15. I didn't expect you to do research for me. I just wanted to point out that if you haven't been to that site in a while it is now very outdated, that's all. Thank you for your reply.

  16. Did this yesterday with my middle aged, no makeup on, GAP wearing female form at the grocery store to an senior man and he furiously nodded his head NOOOOO! Why do men in this town instantly assume eye contact means the woman is a prostitute and they are being propositioned? I was just getting honey ham.

  17. Why would anyone assume you're a prostitute? That's crazy, I've never heard this before and I'm sure it's not a widespread experience!

  18. If traffic on howe is a bitch, go into Pacific centre underground at Georgia and keep right(straight). Pops you out at nelson. No lights

  19. How do you work two 12 hour shifts a day for 5 days?

  20. What would it be like to live there for a couple of months? How would I research that? Retired and interested in Scandinavian lifestyles. I just want to visit and spending a couple of months would teach me more about the country than taking pictures from a tour bus!

  21. I went to Memphis Ribs and they had no ribs!

  22. Cool, if you're a mass shooter you no longer have to bring your tools to work!

  23. Yeah, not a good time to be Russian.

  24. Wow! You should really apply for American citizenship. Show them your comment here, there's a place in Texas waiting for you.

  25. LOL, he'll have a great time in jail then!

  26. Yep, they'll label you racist here. But everyone can see their names. They are Indo-Canadian gangs, what's racist about that?

  27. Hey thanks for replying! I think there is some confusion because my current lease is month-to-month but he (and I frankly) want to sign a year long lease starting in September. I did not have a year long lease before I started living at this place month-to-month. Does that change your answer?

  28. The LL is under no obligation to offer you a one year lease, if that is what you are asking.

  29. You're absolutely right, RE agents are a little mafia. I have experience with both types of sales. I have used traditional RE agents and also Redfin.

  30. We just got a cloth zippered thing from Amazon for our window. It probably isn't the most efficient solution, but it works and is like $35. Affixes to the window with velcro tape

  31. Would you have a link for that? I'm in the same boat and was thinking using a thin piece of plywood to fit it in my window.

  32. Thank you so much. I will look into it 👍

  33. It's outlandish to try to guilt you into raising your rent $500. It's not your fault or problem AT ALL that interest rates went up and they got caught with their pants down.

  34. I don't think you understand the meaning of the word greed, or maybe your thinking is really screwed up. Or maybe you wish you had enough money to do the same and it's a case of sour grapes. Buying a property and putting it up for rent is not greedy. It's a business and they're just trying to make it like you would if you could. Your feelings are immature.

  35. This is sarcastic but its the most fair thing to do. Look at how much they pay with their documents to see if they're bs'ing you.

  36. Yeah, like they're really going to show you! It amazes me that renters think they're in a "partnership" with their LL when it is the LL that risks and invests a shitload of money that renters can walk away from at any time. That said, there is no legal avenue for the landlord to raise your rent at the moment and you can politely decline. Of course, if he really is at wit's end he can always move a "relative" in and get you out at the end of your lease. You get a month free rent and you can get compensation if their claim is BS, but by then you'll be out somewhere and paying more rent. Do what's best for you.

  37. What does Emirates Air have to do with soccer, and why would a player on Arsenal be punished for refusing to show the Emirates logo on their jersey?

  38. What does Emirates have to do with soccer! Ha ha! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  39. Thank you for reminding me that the /s is always needed no matter how obvious I think it is 🙄

  40. Exactly, nobody knows you here 😂

  41. Fools think the economy can distinguish between boomers' money and their own money like we all live in a vacuum. Once big corps sweep in and buy all the houses cheap it'll give you a chance to hate some other groups. smh

  42. Thought this was an Onion article

  43. LOL, surely sounds like it should be!

  44. People will freaking down vote anything! LOL!

  45. I'm on wealthsimple, so unless there's a hidden fee I'm not aware of, I think I'm ok with the CAD trading.

  46. I closed my WealthSimple account. The exchange fees will eat up your gains.

  47. I think they changed it so you can have a separate USD pool to buy and sell from, and you only pay the conversion fees once each way. No more conversion fees for each trade.

  48. Well, but that is the same thing, isn't it? You should invest where they let you have an account in Cda$ and one in US$. That way you can keep the US money in US, in cash and parked there if you want. TD WebBroker will allow you to do that.

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