1. I play a lot of ARAM. Sometimes the enemy is all AP (or like 4/5 of them are). What mythic should you go for this case, in general? I usually rush Force of Nature but don't know what mythic to build afterwards.

  2. Why does Vi E have AP scaling on it? (Or any champ like that for instance Bel’Veth W) Why would she ever build AP?

  3. One time we had doubled the quota, meaning we would have passed even without each egg counting twice. Still feel pretty proud of that one.

  4. Footage of me, as AP Yuumi, killing all the enchanters with my Q.

  5. Absolute favorites: Jinx, Ezreal (if they’re good), Twitch, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Sivir, and Zeri when she’s playable. All of these scale really well and/or have good mobility, or combos well with your ult.

  6. Jinx is interesting! You don’t find her early game to be too weak in order to have a healthy lane?

  7. Jinx is a really safe ADC, IMO because of the extra range on her rockets. I find she can safely poke most ADCs. As long as the enemy support doesn’t catch her out, lane goes well.

  8. I assume this is for Toppy because heartsteel in jungle is trolling. You don’t get enough opportunities to proc it.

  9. I've had this issue as well. It's pretty hard to commit to 2 or 3 champs when there are so many fun options. For me it started becoming clear when I mulled over questions like 'What champs do I love design and lore wise?' or 'How do I want to annoy and frustrate the enemy team?' even 'What champ am I okay/willing to go through massive loss streaks with?'.

  10. You forget that Red Buff gives significant HP regen. And yes, warding is a good idea, especially since you burnt your flash.

  11. Hard to say without a replay but it looks like you / your team flipped the game at the final baron fight. You either didn’t set up for it properly or worse, decided to do it on low health while a Shaco was alive. That pretty much lost the game for you it looks like.

  12. Sounds about right. I’ve had a similar experience with Skarner.

  13. Also Kayle. Kayle is nuts. No way she should be in the top tier. Should be highly disapproves tier, maybe even disowns tier.

  14. I’m so hyped. It was my main weapon in Splat 1 but I dropped it in Splat 2 since I hated the kits. Auto bomb launcher was such garbage.

  15. I do change my secondary runes (I take resolve if I don’t plan on roaming much and domination if I do) but every time I don’t take glacial, I regret it. It’s definitely been the difference in me escaping or not.

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