First time animating Overwatch characters!

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my sindri cosplay is finally done!

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  1. No sitting either, can’t forget that

  2. I already awnsered something similar to this a second ago you'll do well to check that out

  3. Oh we got an ego lord, you’re wasting my time. Now go on with your life

  4. For me it just depends how well it goes with the rest of the suit.

  5. For that pic you showed? Damn nice

  6. Really want something akin to Legend of Zelda. Atreus is pretty much link here, go travel all over, collect mementos, etc etc etc

  7. I am doing that right now, I am seeing an rough camera rotation around an cow from the PlayStation 2 era.

  8. I gave my cow an astronaut helmet haha

  9. I imagined mine with super long udders.

  10. I kinda really want a spin off w Atreus, sort of like Legend of Zelda style almost with Link.

  11. Tell that to my window-seat-sittin' ass. I'm not awkwardly shuffling past two people twice just to stretch during the flight. That involves interaction. Twice.

  12. Four times, you have to go back ;-;

  13. Ok..if you think about real size proportions. Draupnir is fucking bigg

  14. "You've come along way since we first met, brother"

  15. That shit hit me across the face, loved hearing that

  16. Bitter Squirrel when Atreus shoots the chime: Oh no, no I’m so sorry. That chime only works for the axe, yeahh. And people whose balls have dropped, sorry.

  17. Lol the trees community was much more friendly

  18. For reallll haha, came here from that sub and was like “oh”

  19. Oh man, this heavily reminds me of War from the Darksiders series

  20. Fuck I wanna see Kratos vs Ra now

  21. More or less yeah. Around the 3/4, 1/3 ballpark

  22. Shit, yeah. Either way, a long journey ahead still

  23. Fuck, this, this is damn good

  24. Oh now I wish we had skins for the axe and blades man.

  25. Wait…is that fucking Ratatoskr(forgot the spelling)?! Oh man, can’t wait to see more interactions with him

  26. But the Traveler is just a big ball filling us with his powerful light.

  27. Now try imagining a Batman game in UE5..

  28. It’d be like playing a movie

  29. Guy wanted to see GOW1-3 Kratos, the Kratos that died and came back angrier. wtf is gonna happen next, like man I’m assuming this is relatively early in the game but gah damn

  30. Relative new player question: where can I get weapon mods? Unless they’re mostly random.

  31. Doing NCPD hustles will get you a lot of them. Make sure you don't have the holocalls disabled (to receive texts, in the game options) and you get a holocall from a female NCPD dispatcher about criminal activity on the area. These always have a weapon recipe or mod at them.

  32. Oh shit thank you so much, that explains a lot haha. I never really do the NCPD things, but now I’m at the Hanako Ember part so I have a lot of things to do lol. Again thank you

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