AITA for leaving my inlaws christmas dinner after I found out that they didn't make accommodations for me?

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  1. To be fair NYC and Philly are one in the same. We both got: Nice neighborhoods, bad neighborhoods, crazies, druggies, crime, sports, entertainment, history, business, upper class, middle class, and all the emotion to fuel a thousand blinding suns 🙂

  2. Pittsburgh doesn't hate Philly like you hate us. We hate Ohio because of the Browns. Also hate Baltimore because of the Ravens. We have other things to hate besides Philly.

  3. I mean Penguin Flyers games get pretty intense but yeah I’d agree with that

  4. Thank you! And everyone on this thread. I see so much hate for DEH and I honestly didn’t get it as to me this is exactly it. He was just a kid dealing with his anxiety in an impossible situation. He tried. Did he go a little too far? Yes. Because he is human and we are complex and sometimes when we finally start getting what we want, we go on the opposite side of the pendulum. It knocked him down hard when he finally told the truth and the ending was a bittersweet moment. It is something I resonate with and think the show gets unwarranted hate.

  5. I've seen it on a Tuesday and a Friday night. Mid-week, more sedate audience and the Friday night crowd was electric...and so much fun. Listening to the whoops and applause on those high runs was actually fun and lent a special energy to the show. There's always that one annoying person, though, who cannot control themself and they might show up any night.

  6. Where were you sitting if you don’t mind me asking? I’m all for getting and excited and creating that atmosphere but if I don’t get to hear Aaron at the fullest…I will go mad lol

  7. Both times R side a few seats from the aisle. Sound was great from there.

  8. I'm under the impression that the small video cameras likely produce less nuance light at this point. I don't think a lot of them use their cell phone to boot video.

  9. Women tend to be more subtle when it comes to committing murder. Poison is often their weapon of choice... especially when it comes to disposing of annoying husbands.

  10. We don’t feel the need to show the world how big our dicks are with our guns

  11. I think Tick, Tick … Boom! might be one of the best musical movies to date, but I’ve also always preferred the stage adaptation to it’s movie counterpart, the sound quality is very different and I like the raw quality that live recordings or even I’ve noticed it in cast recording albums too, so like

  12. Thank you! I came here to say this “art is subjective” While I agree the movie version of RENT was not done to its full potential; I don’t see the ages of the original cast members as an issue. I was just happy to see and hear them in the roles. The show doesn’t stand the test of time but not all art does. It was revolutionary in the theatre world and to me, that is what makes it great. TTB the movie is that. A movie adaptation that never had the breakthrough on Broadway or THE original cast. Movie adaptation wise, it is great. It was produced in such a great manner and is a great watch. Not a reasonable comparison. Plus I just have to add my bias-I do not like Vanessa Hudgens and don’t understand why she keeps getting cast. But that’s my opinion lol Again, subjective

  13. My company has a go back to work date of March and I’m super nervous. I do not want to go back at all but my team lead is all for it. I have health issues and my county is consistently in the yellow for reported cases of covid and I just am praying that the company takes the employees concerns and work into account instead of bs like this

  14. Thank you for asking this and the responses lol I’m going soon and just realized our show starts at 2 but hotel check in doesn’t start til 3. That would have been awkward!

  15. I’d also like to add to the comments: humans can rationalize anything. We have the ability to think and see all viewpoints of a situation, a decision, and the outcome(s). Animals can’t. They just see an action and only know it must be bc of something they did. As someone who’s worked in shelters, the hurt and confusion on an animals face when left alone or beaten is the worst feeling. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I gave up on an animal before a human.

  16. Whenever I see a production i always have the thought “the stage is so close i could just jump right on.” But i dont because theatre demands respect

  17. I got tickets to see Aaron Tveit in Moulin Rouge this February and legitimately had to fight myself to NOT get the can can table seats bc I know those thoughts would get me in trouble 😂😂

  18. I would murder to see opening night of RENT Also OBC of Aida and Ragtime

  19. Look I can understand the mindset of “you invited me, here is what I eat.” But I don’t see where she asked? Plus as soon as the person, the HOST says no, you don’t argue. End of story. Because like you said, you are a guest. I’m a vegetarian out of preference and always bring my own dish or just eat before hand in anticipation of not much I can eat. Please grow up and apologize to your husband and your in laws YTA

  20. Just wanted to share something. As a vegetarian (3 years now) first off, eat what you want. As long as you’re not forcing something down someone’s throat, you’re fine. Secondly, the thing I’ve noticed that gets hate is you know that whole “the vegan/vegetarian will always tell you that they are” Well I’ve realized it’s kind of grounded in that no one assumes you have limitations in your diet/beliefs. So half the reason a person may just come out and tell you they are a vegan/vegetarian is so that you don’t take it personally when they don’t have one of your treats you brought in, or hesitant to go out to eat. I’ve found myself in a few situations where as a team from work I was taken out and while there I just got a side salad and then was like oh no it’s fine, I’m vegetarian (it was a chicken place) and they were surprised and felt bad. Even asked if I’d like to go somewhere else. But they didn’t know, bc I didn’t tell anyone. If I would have, it would have been an easier time for all. We may tell you bc well…it may be information needed down the road 🤷‍♀️ Hope that made sense lol Sorry for the ramble

  21. On one hand I do feel like critics can go on power trips and aren’t always fair to the actors and show. A push back is acceptable. However, they are critics for a reason. They know their stuff. HOWEVER it is also their opinion. Fans of the music and style will still go see the show. It’s mostly unprofessional and pointless in my opinion

  22. I did. Not very religious but was dragged to church every Sunday

  23. Yeah, there's a lot of shaming and judgement in religion. Especially around sex, and sex acts. I became much more accepting as a person once I quit it

  24. I do agree with you on that. I have been terrified to have sex, only had sex once and it was just this past year and honestly it probably goes back to youth group teachings. I just never connected it with natural bodily functions

  25. Craft shows are also great so you can see more childish things you don’t need but definitely need lol

  26. I think so, I am just curious to see if there would be any changes to it. Hopefully not as I am a lover of the original and everything, but sometimes with the change in times, the material gets changed a bit.

  27. I am so sorry for your loss. Rabbits are such audacious yet fragile creatures. My prayers go out to you as you heal through this ❤️

  28. All musicals lol Hear me out Especially those that are historically based I think. All musicals have such writing that writers usually try to add touches to the scenes, dialogue, music, sets, etc to enhance the time and place. My example would be Anastasia. She pulls out a diamond and says they found it sewn into her clothes, that actually happened and was a nice detail. They could have just said oh yeah it was in my clothes pocket. The girls behind me at intermission were asking each other “so was Anastasia real or is this based off the Disney movie?” And I got irrationally annoyed at that lol I just think getting to know a musical before going to see it in person to enhance the experience by picking up on subtleties dropped in by writers, directors, producers. Whether it be in the clothing, slang used, set, etc. BUT to each is own and if that’s how you like to take in theatre, who am I to say that’s wrong

  29. This year actually, 29, US. Paying off student loans and medical bills are a B! Only moved out to get closer to a better job. Hating it…love the independence, not doing well with the loneliness and the toll it takes on anxiety and depression. My parents were like roommates, it worked well. Goodluck to everyone house/apartment hunting and know staying at home is nothing to be ashamed of. Saves money, can be good for mental health, and places no value on you as a human being Okay getting off my soap box lol

  30. Catch Me If You Can. Big band and it’s Aaron Tveit…nothing more to say lol

  31. Love this. My therapist once explained it like it’s natural for snap judgements. It’s how we evolved to survive. See something or someone, you need to assess to make a quick decision (flight or fight basically.) The difference is what you do with that impulse. Let the judgement be a sweeping thought and don’t feed it if it’s not nice.

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