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  1. where can i get ts2 with all the expansions that isn’t from osab’s guide. don’t get me wrong i’m happy i can download and get all the add-ons at once, but i don’t think RPC is compatible with my graphics card. every time i’ve had RPC installed it’s always caused the “this application has (something). the program will now terminate”. i had a another version of ts2 from someone else where RPC wasn’t installed and there it worked perfectly. unfortunately it didn’t include all of the expansion packs and surprisingly it took up more space on computer than osab’s. that’s all the information i have. i’d also like to note i’ve gone over the instructions like 15 times to fix this issue, but no can do.

  2. I recently got a torrent, with a build from some slav guy... Install was simple, language choice is there too (it originally installs in russian for some reason), it runs fine on win10, the only bad thing I noticed so far is that UI can be in a weird position in CAS with widescreen monitor.

  3. I had the same but figured it out on my own after like an hour......

  4. Damn that sounds expensive since we are talking about Russias economy that sounds pretty hard... This is just what I've heard since I've only saw studies, also Portugal has a program that some of the medicine is subsidised by the government, so for example my ASMA products are also subsidised and are pretty cheap, but then my skin care products aren't so I end up paying like 20€ for each product and I have 3 for my whole routine so like a visit to the pharmacy for 3 skin products leaves a hole of around 60€ in my wallet 🫠

  5. How's the income for comparison? I earn about 395 euros a month, and I work 200+ hours

  6. I work full time and minimal wage here is 700 it's quite garbage and our economy sucks ass, I would say you have a better wage and a better living in a lot of other countries in Europe :/ it's a good place for tourism don't get me wrong but everyone is underpaid and the amount of shit everyone goes through is just not accepted, it's also a really transphobic country I would say, the mentally of the majority of the population is backwards and it's like they live 20 years ago, it's truly awful, I know plenty of stories of people who have struggles with being themselves, of course you got your safe communities here aswell, LGBTQ+ communities are pretty prevelant and you will always have people to help you out, but in general I dislike our general population's mentality

  7. I am wondering about this too... I work my life out and I get barely enough for food and HRT, operations is something I am scared of even dreaming about...

  8. I used to play while I was in school, but with teen age came dysphoria so I stopped visiting PE as much as I could...

  9. Now I kind of wish I didn't stop PE because I weight more than 100kg... Or at least last time it was really close but our weight scales ran out of battery....

  10. 3 years of transitioning, 1 year on HRT - life is worse than it ever was. Not only the dysphoric stuff, I also am less healthy both on body and mental sides. I still don't pass, I spent half of time on HRT on a dose which wasn't high enough and thus I have much less progress than I could, I don't have money to feminize myself even by getting new clothes and soon all my "nice" things will wear out after years of having them... The only success is that I am still not flatlined.

  11. In childhood, I had thoughts that I want to be a girl... Parents scared me out of it. At age 22 I stopped resisting and started my crawl to my gender. Started hrt a year ago, at 11th of October 2021

  12. I was wearing a bit too big female underwear under old boxers... Now I wear just female panties. Used to have a problem of not fitting everything, but practicing tucking really helped.

  13. My coming out shocked my GF, she thought I won't be interested in dating women... We talked through it, we're still in a relationship, over 2 and half years after my coming out and 4 years in total.

  14. Thanks for your words they give me a good push of encouragement when I am currently in a state of no hope everything is ruined

  15. Relationship is not over yet. Some people need time to process information, let your partner know that your coming out and identity doesn't change your relationship. My GF thought that since I am actually a woman, I am going to date men, but I didn't, we talked and continued having a relationship because even if I started using different pronouns and name, it doesn't affect my feelings towards her. At some point, she processed it enough and suddenly realized she's apparently not straight, so I sort of helped her understand her sexuality.

  16. Did nothing in what sense? If you’re comfortable sharing

  17. No body changes that can be noticeable easily even when I'm naked. All I got is smooth-ish skin which is more of a trouble tbh, excessive emotions that don't help, I can't lose fat, and even more depression because I can't do anything for my transition. I am still the same as 3 years ago except fat, sad and long haired. Seeing how people glow up in mere months is so depressing. I have thoughts about offing myself but I can't do even that.

  18. That sucks, I’m sorry to hear all that. Maybe find a therapist who specialises in transgender issues? The lady I go to is fantastic with it. Having been someone who considered offing myself previously, I know how much it destroys you.

  19. I was lucky to encounter non-transphobic people so far, but I definitely will have transphobes in medical workers, and finding specialized doctors is impossible in my region. In my country (russia), being trans is still officially viewed as a mental sickness, they never upgraded to modern ICD standards... And being trans here is a borderline with crime thanks to our local "don't say gay" laws... Also there is a possibility that they will just give me out to our war machine which drafts men to send to Ukraine... And last nail in this coffin is my income of about $2 USD per hour or possibly less with 200+ work hours per month, I literally don't have money for any healthcare, let alone expensive mental professionals

  20. I do much more with my hands and mouth now and I feel much more like a lesbian... That's the only positive I can say, as the rest is either didn't change or became worse.

  21. You're positive it's pee and not just a large amount of precum or very thin semen?

  22. How soon did your refractory period decreased? I still struggle with it, it's super dysphoric for me, I am almost a full year on E.

  23. I am almost a year on HRT and I still don't have much of a change... I am so envious, and I feel ugly all the time.

  24. Does Dead Space game count as body horror? If it does, it used to scare me so badly when it came out (I was like 12 atm), now it's one of my favorite games, and body horror in general doesn't affect me. The only horror that affects me is when it's a scary person. Tuco Salamanca from Breaking Bad as example, this guy scares me to death even if that show is not a horror.

  25. Braces were hell... My dad pressed me into getting them (as he always did and still tries to), his thought process was that my bottom teeth were "crooked" and should be fixed early, when in fact they were just slightly off. The only trouble I had was occasional meat piece getting stuck there between central teeth - one was slightly in front of the other.

  26. I never was comfortable being shirtless outside, it always bugged me and I had urges to cover my nipples... Worst was if I get my shirt wet and it became transparent...

  27. I straight up say that I have autism if it's relevant in conversation, so far all people reacted adequately. Few of them asked questions about it, but I never had any hostility... Really surprising considering I am stuck in russia where it's widely used as an insult too.

  28. Im MtF, I would pick genital change. Voice training is hard but at least it can be done for free... Or maybe bone changes... I can make my bone frame work, but some girls I know can't.

  29. I don't, I get horrible irritation there afterwards when hair starts to grow back. Sometimes it gets so bad it hurts to walk.

  30. From what I noticed the only time when enemies are using sandevistan/kerenzikov is when shooting them with guns and they do the matrix things. You can try to kill some ncpd and raise the wanted level until maxtac appears, and you will see a lot of these.

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