I suck at talking

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  1. How is this different from Other than the text input

  2. Yes it uses underneath but makes it little more smoother with input box.


  4. I tried to solve this problem via

  5. Oooh, this is brilliant. OP, would you mind if I DM?

  6. "Why isn't anyone talking about "

  7. I think it work out fine. Keeping the rent below 10k sek, utilities included will really help. Not more than 5k will be spent on food and ingredients. Due to the WFH phase, the commuting cost is zero. But beware about furnishing cost if you end up renting an unfurnished apartment.

  8. yes please share website link

  9. I was in same situation. I opened an account with

  10. My employer does not accept any foreign IBAN. It has to be a swedish one. Gladly we figured it out and I am going to get my account on monday.

  11. is this place Manas lake city pune?

  12. Sell a poster/art/ebook/booksummary on

  13. Had good experience with Nordea.

  14. Nanotechnology based clothing

  15. i hope so. if only major breakthroughs happen in nanofabrics.

  16. Hi. I’m sorry you are going through this. Just know that its not your fault.

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