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  2. you can get it cheap in sadar bazaar. also i have one availbale with me , i just want to get rid from me but you have to pick up from my home in civil lines. i dont know how you will do it. i just want to give it to someone who might need it. i tried selling it to kabari wala but he was offering it only RS 100

  3. GB road specially 64 no. Service isn't good. Smelly and can't get what you looking foe

  4. All the places you mentioned are overrated. Soda fountain and bansi bihar are the worst restaurants.

  5. Soda Fountain ka Sambar is really good. Main aaj wapis wahan lunch kar ke aayi. It's still the same.

  6. Have you ever been to Bangalore dosa places and have eater 99 dosa wala stalls in Bangalore who prepare dosa by adding ingredients one by one and slowly cooking in natural wood stove or in Rameshwar cafes. Soda fountain sambhar is tatti as compared to them. I am going to Soda fountain from 2001 and also i consider it good unless I went to Bangalore and have real dosa. I have been to soda fountain last month when i was in patna with my cousin and i left their food in between because it was stale. My cousin got food poisoning from bansi vihar so bad that he has to be admitted to hospital.

  7. German Shephard are the most kamina Breed in dogs.

  8. your GF should have slapped him. please tell her to do that next time if it ever happneded again and dont become silent victim. it gives you less truma if you retialate to harressment.

  9. My house have 2BHK available with Indore parking near patliputra station

  10. Not really. Maybe the initial pics look like that but. Zoom in and check! Also, i would have mentioned if so! I'm putting up pics after all

  11. There is another sub which promotes people living separately, leaving their parents behind after parents because due to privacy and freedom

  12. She is a girl first, stop identifying people by their caste, religion, color , race.

  13. aapko ghante ke hisab se room chahiye? - Receptionist (Hotel decent , Ratlam)

  14. There are multiple post offices where you can go and request to update your details, they will charge you 50 Rs

  15. Count me in. Make a telegram group.

  16. I have seen similar in GK M Block market

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