1. If you want a more in depth tutorial on this makeup style, I think it looks very similar to

  2. My partner's favourite feature of mine is my eyes, which I previously hadn't thought much of as they are very dark and not particularly unique. But apparently my eyes are very expressive, particularly when I smile as I "smile with my eyes". I also work in retail and customers have complimented my smile because of this too. Both my partner and strangers also love my signature winged eyeliner, which my partner says makes my eyes look alluring. My partner isn't necessarily the most smooth talking/romantic person, but one of the cutest things he's said to me was that he loves when the light reflects off my very dark eyes and makes them appear a lighter brown, because it only happens at some angles and its "like a secret that only he gets to see" lol.

  3. Do you have dimples under your eyes? I think people call it aegyo sal. I wish I had that feature, it's very cute! I notice it in many women who are pretty

  4. I do have aegyo sal! They're pretty subtle when I'm not smiling but they puff up a lot when I smile.

  5. Not necessarily! But choosing glasses that suit your features is imperative. The shape, colour, thickness and size of the frames all matter. Growing up I wore the most hideous, thick, square-shaped plastic frames that did not suit me at all. Since switching to thin, round, metal frames I look so much better. My daily glasses are black and gold, which work well for my warm toned skin. Now I get heaps of compliments on how good I look in glasses, even though the frames themselves are nothing special. That being said, I will admit that some people simply suit glasses better than others (source: I work at a glasses shop lol). Personally, I think I look better with glasses as they break up my features in a nice way. Some people will always look better without glasses tho.

  6. some of these look romantic. would help to see a bodycon dress to confirm waist shape and a better look at your shoulders. How tall are you?

  7. I'm 160cm/5'3! And I don't think I even own a bodycon dress haha, but I'll see what I can do. I might make an updated post now that I've gained some weight too. Thank you for your input!

  8. Any chance you could share your body acne routine? ๐Ÿ‘€

  9. I admit I donโ€™t have a super healthy diet. Iโ€™m quite poor and always super busy. I donโ€™t eat that much, but the food I eat isnโ€™t great for me. Iโ€™m thinking of making overnight oats to be healthier in a cheap way.

  10. Eating healthy on a low budget can be so hard! In case you aren't a part of it already try

  11. She has said herself that she is 5'4 :)

  12. really?? she seems much tinier than that

  13. When I saw her in concert 5'4 seemed about right ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ I'm 5'3 and she looked a similar height to me

  14. I know I'm in the gamine family even though I sometimes doubt myself because everything looks better a little cropped! Pants, tops, everything. And when I wear one solid colour head to toe I look so boring and lifeless, even though it looks chic on others. Learning about horizontal breaks and colour blocking, everything made more sense to me. I don't really like turtlenecks though, I find that because I have a slightly short neck it makes me look weird. I still like high necklines tho, just not turtlenecks.

  15. Personally I see more classic and romantic than ingenue :)

  16. Jake seems way too soft to be a dramatic imo! Looks more moderate, I would say C family. I think Rosa is Dramatic (or if not, SD) and Amy is a very clear Soft Natural to me. Charles I would guess Soft Gamine and Holt probably D family. Gina is very Flamboyant Natural. These are just my guesses tho!

  17. SG with double curve here who has a dress just like this! It might be different on you but I personally didn't like how this looked on me ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ It just looks odd on me, like it's too sleek on me. Almost like it gives a dramatic vibe, idk how to describe it, but it's very at odds with my natural yin lines/flesh. Also I think I look better in more colour and detail, whereas this is very minimalistic.

  18. I LOVE the tongue on the froggy hat, it adds such a fun touch!!

  19. I'm 5'3 and I think 10lbs makes a subtle difference to my body type. I actually look better with some extra pounds due to my body fat distribution. The majority of my weight gain goes to my butt, then thighs, and a bit to my upper arms, so it gives me a better shape. Currently I'm at a BMI of around 24 but imo I look better than I did at a lower BMI. Goes to show how diverse body types are :)

  20. How nice! Looks like your crochet is beautifully done <3

  21. Thank you for the info, I had no idea!

  22. Thank you for this post and it was great reading your glow up journey, especially as an Asian girl myself! Sounds like things are going amazing for you, I'm so happy for you :)

  23. Yes, but they said someone with a long torso and short legs. If you have a normal/short torso, then long waist things may go up too high and short waisted things look proportional on you. But as someone who is SUPER long waisted and short legged, most high rise jeans just look like normal jeans on me. Low rise jeans make me look like my legs are the stubbiest things ever.

  24. Agreed! I think it only works for OP as she has relatively narrow hips/slim leg line, and not much hip fat that would spill over the edges of the waistband. I have the opposite experience hahah

  25. No haha I just eyeballed the whole thing. Took in the sides a bit, shortened the sleeves, and then added pleats to the waist until it fit perfectly! :)

  26. love them but i saw this coming from their one sided open relationship

  27. Do u mean that it was open for her but not him?

  28. I vote R rather than SG as I feel she suits those lines better, despite wearing gamine lines more often. :)

  29. Interesting, I would have thought that Momo is warm toned and Jihyo is cool toned, simply based on the makeup and outfits I like on them. That is definitely influenced by my personal preferences though. I agree with a lot of these, thanks for sharing!

  30. COSRX and Dear Klairs (from Wishtrend) are God tier, I cannot stress enough!!

  31. This whole look - the makeup, hair, outfit - is breathtaking ๐Ÿ˜

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