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  1. Is there going to be any more protests this weekend? I made the mistake of going an hour after it started and couldn't find parking.

  2. I had the same issue but I took Trax. I was kicking myself for it.

  3. I used to do a lot of solo camping in the Ocala National Forest in Florida. On a long weekend trip I found a nice primitive campground about 20 minutes from a paved road and set up camp. On the third night around 2 am I woke up to a vehicle barreling down a dirt road near the camp area. I heard it stop and someone got out. They traipsed through the woods to where my tent was and stood outside the tent door for a fairly long time. long enough for me to hear a distinct guttural breathing sound and some groans as they stood outside the tent door. I had a gun with me and it was pointed directly at the area i heard the breathing. they continued to stand there for a long time, like 10 minutes. i was going to say something but didn't want to exacerbate the situation. I just remained quite. I heard a heavy sigh and they walked away. After i heard the vehicle leave i just continued to lay motionless and quite for about an hour before i decided to pack up and leave.

  4. The area is beautiful but it's got a vibe. If you know what I mean. I never felt comfortable around there.

  5. Getting professional help for my mental health issues. My life is easily 40-60 percent better after I found help. I wish I would have had the ability to get this kind of help 20 years earlier.

  6. I can buy how many and what ever kind of stickers I want. It's the best

  7. So tempted to post this to fb so my MIL can see. I’ve received a few mean texts about how she “never thought I would do this to her”. They live 15 minutes away. Come see your grandchild. I’ve never ever said no. We’ve asked you to FaceTime and to visit. He’s two and she’s met him in person maybe 8 times and 5 of those were because we went to their house that isn’t baby proof and frankly it’s a hassle to go somewhere with a baby/toddler sometimes.

  8. My mil is similar. Pouts that they don't have a relationship but doesn't nothing about it. When she did see them she's pushy and they don't want to be around her because she doesn't respect their boundaries. You can tell her 50 tones but nothing gets through.

  9. My friend calls her kid shepherd for a nick name. It fits him and I never thought it was odd or weird. Shep for short even.

  10. I called my kids pediatrician and they said to call Wednesday morning and see if they have their shipment yet. I'm in Utah.

  11. I'll admit, not always the best solution but I bought a baby gate that you can connect. I'd put it in a space that is baby proof and keep my kids toys in there. Turned on music or something and let them go ham. It's good that they get a bit of independent play and they know that you're not necessarily going to be right at their side every second. If you're kid is safe and content is a great way to get some space or chores or what have you. Both my kids would play for a hour or so by the time they were one because they had enough stuff to entertain themselves.

  12. Lmao, I was watching next gen and Worf had a tooth sharpener. I looked at my husband and asked him if that was why his teeth are so pointed. Did he file them down. He thinks I'm hilarious. I think he's crazy enough to do it.

  13. There's a lot that goes into this. Coming out as LGBT+ is terrifying and full of uncertainty. The fact that your child can be comfortable enough to trust you with this facet of their life is great. I've known I was bi since the seventh grade. Kids get crushes and it's kinda unnerving to think, hey I like this boy/girl when I've been told it's not a thing. It's very much what's wrong with me?!?! And then to not be comfortable in your body on top of that, it's really scary. I'm sure they're just thankful that you're accepting and support them. If you can't get them into therapy right now because they'rey other parent is against it, you can look into other resources available.

  14. I think something like Butcher needed a location and it was between Chicago and like Indianapolis or something. My husband loves the series and I sent him to Chicago for Halloween as a really late birthday gift. He had friends who live there so he spent time with them but also went solo to some of the locations. Really neat.

  15. Jim originally set the story in Kansas City, which is his hometown. It was his at the suggestion of one of his writing teachers that he move the setting to Chicago, as it's a bigger and more famous city.

  16. Ah! That's it. My spouse has told me that a few times but I can't ever remember. Such a fun tidbit.

  17. I’d understand and could accept it better if that was the case. I can handle annoying MILs. The only reason she’s not seeing us anymore is because of her actions and behavior. It’s not what I think about what she thinks. I’ve gone past that. The little digs she does, sometimes hits home when I’m having a hard day, but I’m usually over it after a couple days. But I refuse to let my husband or my children be treated as such. Please see previous posts if you need context.

  18. Yeah, I don't blame you for any of it. You're the parent and you get to choose what your children are around, at least for the first few years. It's our job as a parent to protect them and to make sure their needs aren't pushed aside for the wants of others. Pushing a child's face into cake isn't funny, it's straight up bullying and I'd lose my shit if I saw that. I have similar issues with family, both my side and my spouse's and at the end of the day, I'm not going to bend over backwards or make my children suffer for others desires. It's just not worth it.


  20. Ok, so I've been through stressful life events with my kids. I made the decision to go back to basics because they needed that extra reassurance. My eldest regressed using the toilet after youngest was born. No shame, just back to pull ups for a while. Moved across the country, packed up all the toys and living in a stressful new place. We co-slept, made sure they had a special toy for comfort and a mostly set routine. Any change for a while is tough. Setting a special time in the day where she knows she'll have your undivided attention can help also. I had to get a bed tent for my eldest so they'd sleep in their own bed. So many stuffed toys to make them feel secure. Special night lights, white noise, I also stopped screens 2 hours before bed. Still have to co-sleep with youngest but they're not quite 3. Change requires a bit of survival tactics until things calm down and the kids get comfortable. I hope this at least gives you ideas. Every kid is different but this helped me keep my sanity. I'm in school, homeschool and I stay at home. It's really hard some days. But those things help a bit.

  21. Thank you. also am considering homeschooling, would love to hear how you manage your time with it all!!

  22. We do about a hour or two each day, but I usually skip the weekend. Sometimes it's traditional work but most of the time it's real life experience and kid led learning. They get to pick what they want to learn about, and I add 20 min of either reading or letter recognition. We have a cheap microscope that we find one thing a week to look at. I'll ask random math problems and the kids think it's a fun game to try and get the correct answer. Khan academy kids is free and the best learning app I've found. My 2 year old can add and subtract from just playing in that app.

  23. I had a bit of regret at first, like good I ruin my relationship with my first kind of worry. Now my second is grown and my kids love each other so much. I'm trying to give them as much as possible all the time so they feel that forever, though I do struggle balancing the needs of both occasionally. I don't regret them anymore. They're both perfect little people and I wouldn't change a thing.

  24. Just fyi, you did Nothing wrong, Nothing to be ashamed of. I'm glad you were able to get away.

  25. People might just be in their own world and not expecting it. Maybe have something going on that doesn't compute to bring instant friendly. Or they just suck. Either way, just do you. I love it when my kids interact with strangers. They say hi to everyone that can. I don't always process and smile also but I appreciate it. I'd much prefer my kids not think strangers are scary.

  26. My ADHD was ok until I had a baby and then it exploded. I’m dreading menopause too.

  27. It was my second child that got me. I could mask and then suddenly I didn't have the mental space for it. It's been a wild ride.

  28. A year or so after I married my spouse, we were on it way to a friend's house. We didn't remember exactly where the house was so we were driving through the general neighborhood. We were both grumpy and arguing over dumb stuff so I asked if we could "reboot" the situation. Spouse agrees, and we sit in silence for a few minutes. After a bit my spouse asks if we reboot, but of course my brain moved on and I didn't remember saying reboot without context. So I'm like "reboot? Like a computer?" To which spouse is internally like ???? So then I dig in my heels when told I just said it and I'm like I've never said reboot in my life. After spouse kinda flips, and gives me context I'm like, oh yeah. It's been 9 years and I still get crap for that. I feel like a crazy person all the time but I try to remember that my brain is fascinating and can do a million amazing things. It just takes a little effort sometimes. Or ya know, context.

  29. Oh my god this is such a hilarious coincidence because I made this reference to my husband like six hours ago! I was trying to get my 1.5yo to roll me my yoga ball. He would touch the ball. Then put his truck on the ball. Then bring me his truck. Then go back and hit the ball. Then bring me a book.

  30. I know this is crazy but my spouse and I had a situation like this today also. I'm trying to plan the day with my spouse and get my toddler to go get pants to go to the store. First came back with pj pants, then pj shirt, then a Lego book. I kept asking for pants and then spouse called him Groot. I said I thought James Gunn had to have had the same experience. It's too funny.

  31. My husband and I talked about it 2 weeks ago. So yeah, it's a topic for consultation though I don't know how we'd ever be able to afford it.

  32. I didn't think I was alone. Did you talk about a certain place?

  33. Yeah, Canada is the first thought. Ireland, Finland and Sweden. Spain is also on the list. But all places take a lot of paper work ( fine) and money ( not so great) so we'll see.

  34. It's funny how I realized today that the bugs I can't get rid of in my window are clover mites. And then I see this. Thanks for the info!

  35. Nta, smashing cake in each other's faces feels so disrespectful. I refused at my wedding but my brother ended up doing it to me later. Just don't, it's not necessary. The day can still be fun without 3rd grade theatrics.

  36. No, it isn’t. I get it and I would be pissed too if my kid gets it after going so long with these precautions. But keeping your kid from covid for two years a) has gotten them so much older and better capable of handling a virus, b) bought you a lighter strain, and c) if in the unlikely event that your kid has a rough go of it, we now have docs with WAY more experience treating covid and covid in kids. So even if he gets it “bad” that means like fluids at the hospital not overtired docs in overcrowded hospitals throwing up their hands having no clue what to do.

  37. This is my family. Just caught covid last week but thankful that most of us were vaccinated and the cases aren't so high there's no room in the ER. My youngest is older also, and that helps.

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