1. It honestly seems like you absolutely need to chill. And if you can't you need to find a different job. I'm usually sympathetic but all the kid did was say he wanted to be on his phone, a normal teen thing, and you snapped on him.

  2. I gained 6 pounds in my first year Sober lol. Was well worth it to me. Fair trade off. Working on losing it and more finally though.

  3. Yeah, found this sub like day 4. This is my first sobriety lasting longer than like a month.

  4. No. Wasn't with the right person. So glad I didn't. But have a new partner now and I can't wait to try. He'll be a wonderful dad.

  5. I was going through my contact list realizing for the first time that I have truly finally done it… I have isolated myself so much that I literally don’t have anyone to reach out to anymore. It’s a scary feeling, feeling so alone while going through withdrawal and the uncertainty of the future.

  6. YES! I was about to reply this to Tabasco yesterday that this was coming up but I didn't wanna ruin the n🧊 train, lmao

  7. I've gained about 10 pounds in my year Sober. To me, getting Sober was worlds more important. I let myself eat all the food and all the ice cream. I'm finally getting it under control and got my also sober boyfriend as an accountabili-buddy. Crossing my fingers we can get even healthier together.

  8. It feels powerful doesn’t it ✂️ to cut that chain. “No, it doesn’t have to be this way”. I’m going to learn to do things different. It’s incredible really, to break away.

  9. A boat filled with delicious ice cream and salty foods and yummmmmmm 🤣

  10. Hungry all the time here too. Still eat sugar way more than I used to also. For now, eat the food, you deserve it. Do anything but drink 💜

  11. It’s a silly and fun little ritual, isn’t it? Made me feel randomly special for a second!

  12. Thanks for being here and sharing your story. This sub is the thing that kept me going the first few months. Stick around and keep talking. IWNDWYT.

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