1. Mate exactly that! I sometimes thought “why do need to tell they re not serious about this?”

  2. No matter how obviously sarcastic and stupid you think you’re being there are millions of people who sincerely agree with what you said

  3. It's not ours, we wouldn't want to appropriate it. If the price of having poutine be recogbised as Québécois is nanaimo bars, we'll gladly pay it

  4. Nope it’s Canadian just like every other Canadian dish so Canadians can’t appropriate it because it’s Canadian

  5. As the Rocky Mountains can be seen as part of the legacy of the French explorers so to can Montreal be seen as part of the heritage of all Canadians

  6. I phrased that badly. I meant to say: Why would anyone care about the copy protection if the game runs well?

  7. Because you should be told what permissions you’re giving programs in your games and who your giving that permission to, like not caring about Denuvo is a choice that will come down to individual people but the choice should still be knowingly made

  8. Please tell me exactly which part of the kafkan nightmare that is the Canadian constitution gives me the right to force a University to host my speech against the will of the students and faculty

  9. there are very few areas that the steamdeck lacks in other than kid friendlyness

  10. The switch I would say has less battery life considering it plays no triple A titles

  11. You could also say the moon is made of cheese, and you would be wrong there too

  12. Bringing the deck is one thing, but this is a sign of an addiction

  13. Finana has a huge gap in actual sex knowledge she's going to get exposed

  14. True, but this would be how we found out she stole something from her parents to masturbate with

  15. I’m years away from a new car, if they’re serious about this it’ll be affordable by then

  16. I think he needs to go back to that Russian rehab centre

  17. as long as people from the american continent keep calling me a european instead of a german i keep calling them americans, no matter what language they speak

  18. Maybe you shouldn’t have formed a massive geopolitical bloc if you didn’t want to be called European

  19. It’s almost like that was a completely useless and irrelevant first sentence, that was only redeemed by the arrogant prick also not being able to spell

  20. So you just discount everything else because you didn't like one sentence?

  21. You mean the part where he copy and pasted other people in the thread?

  22. I agree, but what stops them from doing the same? Once they’ve done it once, they can do it again even if the cause is just.

  23. You’re right we definitely treat terrorists and protestors the same

  24. There were less profiteroles than there were at the beginning

  25. Yeah you’re right, for some reason I remembered him saying less

  26. Yeah I don't get why Valve gets a pass on this when even Nintendo doesn't have this bullshit restriction

  27. But in Valve's defence you could download steam on a toaster if you wanted and play Skyrim at this point.

  28. Nobody's going to argue that Valve isn't more consumer friendly, but that's why it's so notable when they're behind on something

  29. Well this Douche will be watching Challenge Australia right after football, good Sir

  30. You’re the kind of person everyone celebrates when a bird shits on their face

  31. That’s your issue. Browser and Native apps/Console OS integration uses different streaming tech/stack. The Native version is more sensitive to packet loss and higher ping (longer distance to datacenters).

  32. Thank you very much, it’s too bad it’s not something I can fix but at least there is a solution

  33. I mean it's certainly an opinion. Thailand and IotI are the worst 2 seasons by a landslide and should be a category unto themselves.

  34. That’s cool! I hate inconsistency on these kinda policies either it is or it isn’t a risk!

  35. To be fair Japanese and American companies aren't overly concerned with safety after the point they can't be sued over it

  36. yeah, avoid game subs for games you are playing, especially older ones. They care a lot less about spoiling the game than general hubs would.

  37. To be fair spoiler etiquette on when you can talk about the end of a game passed for P4G years before the remakes were even a thought

  38. Yeah, I wanna shout NICOLE IS DEAD on the dead space subs as much as I want even if the remake just came out. I played the OG, so I don't want to have to hold my tongue when talking about it because someone hasn't played the remake yet. If someone asks to not be spoiled when talking about enjoying the remake in a thread about the remake that's one thing and is perfectly ok... but on a thread discussing the original vs the remake? Yeah no fuck off with that notion.

  39. Yeah nobody wants to go out of their way to spoil people but you can’t go into a subreddit for a game that came out over a decade ago and expect there to not be spoilers

  40. It is kinda strange that Microsol hasn't entered this space given that they have the whole Surface lineup--all it would take is slapping on a pair of Joycon-like detachable controllers, and they'd be in business.

  41. It’s weird that they never tried to make Xbox a brand of gaming laptops to compliment the Surface line

  42. It's merely a flag buried somewhere in their new app containers. There's nothing else stopping two windows PCs from running the same software. And yes, Xbox is just fancy packaged PC.

  43. Is it an easier setup on steam deck now?

  44. Thats what makes this feel odder. The 360 version appears superior, why wasn't this released?

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