1. Only thing that goes down the toilet is water, crap, piss, TP, and your vomit if you go on a bender. (No pads, tampons, q-tips, or wet wipes)

  2. Then you definitely won’t be into this, cause it’s never happening 🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. I'm convinced he's had a situation where his girl had to get an abortion. I'm sorry but for a 25 year old who clearly likes having sex, the "one time" pass seems damn convenient for someone "against"abortion.

  4. A-line or fit and flare dresses work well for curvy figures.

  5. Definitely fit and flare since the dress starts flaring out slightly above your waist. With a-lines they are generally forgiving of a belly as long as they aren't too form fitting. You can always wear shapewear shorts to suck in the belly a bit with an a-line dress. Think Spanx from Target.

  6. There’s been a ton to scroll through regarding this SK and Raven stuff so could have missed it, but is it possible they’re in an openish relationship? They’ve had to live separate lives for a while, maybe this is just something they’re ok with until SK finishes school?

  7. Whether raven and sk do or not, is irrelevant. The woman with the receipts was clearly not in the know if they truly have an open rel.

  8. Ive been you in this situation before, it sucks but it is wht it is. You probably did the right thing

  9. At first i had feelings for him, Then settled for what he was willing to offer (f buddy relationship), then my feelings wore off and i grew to feel disgusted at the thought of hooking up with him. Now we’re just friends :)

  10. Bro literally says just holding hands and kissing your partner and people really be jumping to “you guys want him to sexually harass her in public.”

  11. The problem isn’t the hand holding or the peck here and there, it’s that these are being suggested to claim his territory. When these are genuine acts of affection, they are welcome. When they are the equivalent of peeing around your territory, they are problematic. I think you can see the difference

  12. If the teacher is speaking about the author’s writing, why pluralize writers? The teacher also addresses the author in the third person when the author is a student. In my opinion, the comment is crap unless there is a discussion about the comment itself.

  13. She might have been feeling poetic :p i think it’s a bit harsh to say it’s “crap”

  14. She might have been feeling sexy also but she is not sharing that, I hope.

  15. I think there wouldve been a winky face at the end, if that were the case :p

  16. Haha love that the sister chose not to invite you to thanksgiving, sry it’s for people who your sister wants to be around.

  17. I might be jumping the gun here, but i think your beef is with your husband for potentially pushing a name you dont like onto your son. Explain to your friend that it’s a sensitive matter and your reaction isn’t rlly abt her

  18. You’re NTA imo, but i wld question why she hasn’t been to college. If it’s not her thing, they should accept that and help her some other wAy

  19. A cursory google search suggests you're not the liar I initially had you pegged as, and I apologize for that. They haven't made it to my neck of the woods. Mind you, we haven't even got a Nandos.

  20. Loool your first sentence really made me laugh. Thnks for that! Where r u frm? Im frm Malta, no nandos here either btw :p

  21. You’re right the foreigner should be booted from the room so we can continue the presentation in Maltese.

  22. How did your mind go there? The foreigner who lives and works here should learn the language.

  23. You’re right again… until they learn maltese they’ll just need to not understand any presentations. The reality is english is here to stay

  24. you know, this is a damn good idea. if it worked to make friends when I was 5, why not now!

  25. A lot of people (in my experience, men) are not interested in seeing where something goes. They just want to stay in the chatting phase.. ridiculous imo

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