1. I dare you to drop a benzodiazepine and act in any negative manner lol my personal experience is the exact opposite 😅

  2. I disagree. Turned me into a prick. Multiple people told me this haha.

  3. Huh I guess that’s just my personality but I mean the purpose of them is to do the opposite even if it affects people differently.

  4. I’ve believed for years that benzos plus alcohol is to blame for all this airport/airplane foolishness. I stand by it. It’s also the most prescribed drug for fear of flying.

  5. Just need completion of the mino lock trial and it’s on! Not currently in this one but I was before. Good luck!

  6. I’m curious….what is the better opportunity you are in?

  7. I’m holding only SAVA and SCPH.

  8. And most of Soderbergh’s as well!

  9. Rock, paper, scissors, shoes? What game is that?

  10. People are right to be skeptical about NWBO's claims. They have a long record (going back 10+ years) of dodgy press releases and shady self-dealing corporate transactions.

  11. Get outa here with your AF BS. Guy is a hedge fund tool.

  12. Not all people who are skeptical about companies with a history of bad behavior are hedge fund tools.

  13. Well this hedge fund to has a history of being a hedge fund tool. He consistently spreads FUD about heavily shorted companies.

  14. These are called overlays. They are made by taking a single sheet of clear glass and dividing it up using lead tape on the surface of the glass. The illusion of color and texture is achieved through films placed on the glass. Don’t buy overlays. People post them here sometimes thinking they are real. They are not.

  15. Thanks! And could this technique be used to make stained glass lamps? This is where I've seen it before.

  16. This is all anecdotal of course but I take a full spectrum oil every day while working in a busy hospital. I think I had Covid one time when my taste was off for a few days. I didn’t even realize it at the time but I learned later that it was going around at a gathering I was at a few days prior. This was only a month or two ago. I’d been exposed many, many times prior and never infected.

  17. I’m a Mormon, a conservative republican and I act in porn and smoke meth.

  18. They go up to 31k hz!! That’s amazing! If you’re a dog maybe.

  19. As does the musician/composer! Gotta be able to hear those notes if you're playing them.

  20. You realize that literally no one can hear over 20k hz right? And that very few people over 40 can hear over 15k hz right?

  21. You seem anti vax, did you actually read this article? Because it is highly critical of the claims in this film…

  22. Fucking hate that guy. Looks like a penis with glasses on.

  23. You’re right. That was an insult to penis’s everywhere.

  24. I was referring to Adam Fuerstein. I call him fartstain, Fuckstain, etc. My apologies.

  25. I use a Q up on my VPI. Handy little gadget if not a bit overpriced.

  26. I don’t know of any 12” woofers that will play that high without breakup.

  27. Really nice! What finish did you use on the wood?

  28. Yahoo has decided to cater to hedge fund shorts manipulating our conversations this needs to stop. I see no reason not to switch boards to here either creating a daily thread or working off this one any thoughts...

  29. Yeah Yahoo is really bad now. The update they did was terrible first off and now longs are claiming their comments are getting stuck in limbo. I’ve always liked yahoo message boards too.

  30. For sale?? I got the JBL stereo components that would have went into one of these at an estate sale but I gave up on finding a cabinet for them.

  31. That’s not what goes in a paragon. It’s not a console, it was a stereo speaker.

  32. Looked up Metregon pics. You are correct - right down to the wooden grilles over the speaker grille cloths.

  33. Metregon was smaller. The slats look like one though, you’re right.

  34. What about people who seem to have plaques but not Alzheimer's?

  35. They likely also have a healthy amount of SOLUBLE amyloid beta. The amount of soluble is more important.

  36. Don't bother trying to figure this out. This is based on the amyloid plaque model which is under heavy fire.

  37. The plaques are still part of the puzzle. It just turns out that simply removing them once they’ve formed doesn’t help. If a treatment stops the formation of them entirely, it would likely affect the disease process.

  38. That surround looks like an old JBL D216 pair I had. They were see-through in light and very, very delicate.

  39. Also curious what the ideal work top would be for this

  40. This would have been my guess. Just didnt know if it would be durable enough and had to be changed often?

  41. You have to flip it and then replace it but you can do a ton of projects before that. The particles shift and allow nails to go in repeatedly. Plywood is too tough and can direct your nails where you don’t want them.

  42. My thoughts: this didn’t really surprise me as I was doing the math the other day and they likely don’t have enough to make it through phase 3. There are also legal fees now. Why not wait until after the data comes out and the price is higher? Well, every single time a biotech releases good news, in my experience, the stock sells off. Every time. So there is no guarantee the data will do anything good for the price (the last cohort did not). The only downside I see is there is apparently no partnership immediately in the works. Kinda early for that anyway and this in no way means that’s not going to happen eventually.

  43. Hmm I think it’s a bot. Why the hell are bots even a thing in a sub this small.

  44. I knew I’d seen this before. Lots of these lately.

  45. Looks good! Is that an xls encore at the end?

  46. OG is like 1% CBC as well, really interesting cannabinoid spread here.

  47. That’s what I ordered! Looking forward to it. I think their quality has been lacking lately so we’ll see.

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