1. Gonna try the finish dishwashing powder cos tablets are expensive

  2. It’s actually really good, we use it for our Dishdrawers (which are fussy as fuck and we have to use powder)

  3. Is it me or are the voting queues worse than normal? Going at a snails pace rn.

  4. Yes. The booth I’m at had half their staff call off sick this morning.

  5. Hmm the license plate of the car in front of me is 'CARBS 1', so that's who took the license plate I wanted

  6. I have to disagree... driving solo is a huge responsivity and something I don't see as necessary for teenagers given everything else they have gone on. I didn't have my license until I was mid-20s as I didn't need it - and that includes working two jobs and going to Deakin Uni in Burwood.

  7. Driving solo is a huge responsibility, but at that age many kids have left school and need to drive to attend work or apprenticeships. It’s unfair for Victorian kids to be unnecessarily penalised for this compared to their peers in other states, and I’m not sure one extra year makes a huge difference in safety.

  8. Blood usually means high thoroughbred proportion in their breeding.

  9. Always found opposition to hunting odd by people who eat meat.

  10. I think it’s because hunting culture in the US can be synonymous with gun culture, which is actually what a lot of people find odd.

  11. The irony being that gun hunting is more ethical (much easier to get a quick, clean kill) than bow hunting and also much better from a population control standpoint. The vast majority of big game are taken during gun seasons

  12. Oh 💯, but I think you miss my point. It’s not about the hunting tool, it’s about the US obsession with guns in general

  13. I’ll share to the Abyssinian owners group on FB just in case. Where on Yarra trail?

  14. If you don't mind that the main character is an accountant and the fighting part is done by others, Baru Cormorant books by Seth Dickinson do a wonderful job with imperialism, colonization, systematic culture destruction and hard eugenics.

  15. The geography of this makes little sense lol, Le Bon Ton should be on the same line as and east of the Peel

  16. Wow no lol I absolutely would bring my cat or dog to a vet if they had a tick, as ticks here can be and are deadly if not seen to straight away.

  17. The fact that mainstream (Murdoch) media presenting the election as tight and close is absolutely insane, and how far out of touch TV, newspapers and some online news sites are from your average Melburnian.

  18. Labor minority is $2.90 now. Majority is $1.65. The libs are unbackable.

  19. Why are muzzles only for greyhounds and not other breeds? Genuinely curious.

  20. Greyhounds are very thin-skinned and can be nippy. They are required to wear muzzles on the track (and previously everywhere else )to prevent nips to other racing dogs.

  21. Also heard that greyhounds can't differentiate other dogs that aren't greyhounds. So any small dog could be a set off for them

  22. Depends on the greyhound. Ours doesn’t particularly like other greyhounds (especially males), loves smaller dogs, and is ambivalent towards other big dogs.

  23. In an apartment you would surely want a very tiny dog. It isn't fair on a big dog to keep it in an apartment.

  24. Unless you get a VERY big dog, like a greyhound, who generally sleep for 26 hours a day.

  25. And the restrictions are so black and white. If these people had their way, pregnant women would drink only boiled water and eat bread.

  26. Both can be true, I think. It depends on your endo. In my case, my gynaecologist said my 15 years of non stop pill use/skipping periods has probably put its progression in abeyance, compared to not going on the pill.

  27. If bits aren’t about to fall off and the headlights and indicators work, it’s fine.

  28. 1000kg braked towing capacity. Yeah my sedan can do 600kg more than that.

  29. This. OP, if you can vote on polling day, you should vote on polling day.

  30. Update on my bird nest situation as mentioned roughly last week

  31. Man, that sucks. On the other hand, they cannot complete their life cycle without birds so the infestation is fortunately self-limiting

  32. We have some dog owners in our neighbourhood who don't pick up after their pets. Anything we can do? We've publically called them out but they've basically lied and denied everything despite being seen.

  33. I’d video them doing it and tell them you’re sending it to the council rangers

  34. Travel back in time and pay for the cleaner. Always Always get a formal exit clean that includes a guarantee to return and fix anything. REA is milking it because you have handed it back to them.

  35. There is absolutely no requirement to pay for a cleaner. The law states the property must be returned reasonably clean and in alignment with the entry report

  36. Damn I need friends like you in my life to go shopping with me. I'm too weak to confront shop staff but I guess I'll try.

  37. My understanding with this is that unless the review breaks one of Airbnb's specific review rules you can't really challenge it?

  38. Seek a second opinion. Spay incontinence would be my first guess.

  39. You need a 'no junk mail' sticker on your letter box.

  40. Political parties are exempt from junk mail provisions

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