1. Buy HHC from a reliable seller! The HHC on this site is really of poor quality and the COA is wrong (they have restocked several times without changing the COA and it has been several months since this batch is no longer available at MCN)...

  2. You don't have to stop to reduce tolerance. THC (and by extension, HHC) tolerance is weird in that you don't need to use enough to push your tolerance up in order to get high.

  3. I agree with you ! I've been using flowers and hash for thirty years, altnoids for two years and never did a tolerance pose... Every time I smoke or eat, I take off high! The main thing is to moderate your consumption!

  4. So i have made 2 diffrent batches, 1. 2:1 zeo:cbd 150c 7 minutes oven... =dark/golden brown oil with minni zeo particel in it.

  5. hello just ordered too to eu. what exactly means discreetly packaged? just bit scared :p

  6. The packaging is discreet! Contact Landon from Gilded to explain this in detail!

  7. Hab auch schon mein zweites Glas von hhc-world und ja schmeckt ein wenig schlechter wie das was ich aus den USA habe. Aber Wirkung ist bei beiden vorhanden..

  8. Both have an effect, but on hhcworld the coa is wrong! I have the corresponding batch from Gilded (which was available until mid-September) and it has very little taste and is the strongest distillate I've had!

  9. The shipping costs are more expensive, but the HHC distillate is cheaper and above all of very good quality!

  10. No COA on their cartridges... Like many low-end brands, just the 95% HHC percentage to fool customers who have no knowledge of noids!

  11. hey mate can you help with mixing ratio lets say i have 10grams of hhc 98% how much bud can i put it on

  12. You can put the amount you want! The easiest way is to put your flowers in the bowl of your bong and add a dab of distillate... If you smoke in a joint, take a hazelnut on your dab tool or the tip of a knife that you heat a little with a lighter and spread inside the leaf before adding the flower and rolling... If you dilute the distillate with CBC, CBT and terps it will be liquid enough to spread directly without heating!

  13. You need a cup warmer or hair dryer to heat the distillate. You can add CBC, CBT and terps to make the distillate more liquid. Feel free to add other cannabinoids to your distillate for a full entourage effect...

  14. No CoA? As far as I can tell. Their normal website is restricted for me for some reason.

  15. No COA like on many Czech sites... The only COA I saw on only one of these sites is that of vivi where the 9R HHC is at 74.4% (I have that of vivi at 74.4% 9R in stock and a friend bought one from the Czech site and it's not the same)...

  16. I ordered twice and each time the quality of the HHC was poor with a disgusting taste... Same for my friends except for one friend who had an ok distillate but not very strong...

  17. Which jars? I'm sure there's multiple manufacturers of small glass jars in the world. In fact I own multiple which seem to be made on different production lines

  18. Do not buy on this site, the weight is only rarely good, the packages are often very long to arrive... And the COA is surely wrong(I have that of vivi which corresponds to the coa indicated on the site and a friend bought on this Czech site and it is not the same HHC, that of vivi is better)!

  19. I doubt anyone is ordering HHC overseas. For me the delivery was very quick, shipped within 48h I believe

  20. You are one of the lucky few to have received your package so quickly!

  21. I’m smoking a 12ish% CBG distillate blend and it’s funny because you get high and then a minute or two later you get un-high just sitting there. I was hoping for the energizing effects and wound up having it over-mediate the high instead. I think I’ll personally cap CBG at 7% from here out

  22. I noticed the same thing! Now I add CBGa+CBG between 1% and 6% maximum... Beyond that, the effect is weaker and shorter!

  23. How was the CBGa+CBG combo compared to CBG alone? I hear it’s much more effective with them combined but I haven’t tried the acid form yet

  24. I find that CBGa+CBG adds a bit more than CBG alone... It's subtle but it adds (I dab and smoke). I started by adding 12% CBG to my mixes, got hit hard the first time, then it was pretty low. Now I try to have the percentages of minor cannabinoids closest to certain living resins, crumble, wax... I noticed that by lowering the minor cannabinoids to these percentages or a little higher they potentiate better and also my tolerance is quite low.

  25. Buy HHC distillate and terpenes and mix... It's cheaper and if you buy good quality cdt or hdt it will be better than a mix already made!

  26. And you can buy different batches of raw without staying stuck with a one terped batch.

  27. I finish every jar of my mixes! If I add noids by heating them in an already terped batch, a lot of terpenes evaporate! HHC without C noids is a bit hollow... So it's useless to have a batch already terpé!

  28. I love adding ∆9THCV to my HHC daytime mixes! ∆9THCV alone without THC or HHC is very low psychoactive and expensive. ∆8THCV is lower than ∆9THCV! ∆9THCV+CBG suppresses the lazy effect of THC and HHC but is not actually a stimulant! If you are looking for something light to lift improve mood a bit and be relaxed, you can try H4CBD which is weakly psychoactive...

  29. I'm not asking what vendors sell h4cbd carts since I don't think that's allowed here, but have you seen an h4cbd cart being sold before?

  30. I am not interested in already filled cartridges! But you should buy H4CBD distillate and refill your cartridges yourself! For the price of one cartridge, you can get at least 15 grams of distillate!

  31. Living in an illegal country, with a shitty black market, i can relate. I just tried a 94%HHC vape yesterday and i'm kind of impressed. I don't know about long term use though🤷‍♂️

  32. Do not buy ready-made cartridges which are really very expensive for the little they contain! Purchasing HHC distillate and minor noids to make your own blends and refill your own cartridges will cost you $5 max per cartridge with better quality than commercial cartridges!

  33. I just tried it yesterday. I don't know where in Europe, you can get cheap HHC distillate. I bought 1 g of concentrate to dab, it was just as expensive as 1ml vape🤷‍♂️

  34. I order my HHC distillate and my noids in the USA... There is no more risk that customs will throw the package in the trash by ordering in the USA rather than in Europe! You will have much lower prices than here in Europe even with high transport costs and surely better quality cannabinoids! My packages arrive in two or three days from the USA to France. They are very discreet! Contact me in pm and I will put you in touch with my supplier!

  35. I also wanted to ask you why you use both CGB and CGBa, do you find it to be better to have both in there? Is one better than the other?

  36. I try to make blend that are closest to reality, so I add the acid version. I find that CBGa+CBG gives a more complete effect than CBG when dabbed or smoked in a joint... It's subtle but it adds! Likewise if I add CBD, I also add CBDa! I wish I had THCVa too!

  37. Everyone is different... Try a little ∆8 and HHC to find out what works best for you!

  38. if it is not indicated it is surely ∆8thcv... ∆8thcv is less active than ∆9thcv!

  39. I have a daytime blend that has a focused sativa effect with HHC 78,74% + CBGa 4% + CBG 1,51% + THCV 3,94% + CBN 0,79% + CBC 3,15% + CBT 1,57% + cdt 6,30%

  40. Only acid versions of cannabinoids need to be decarb. To be more specific, all cannabinoids ending in the letter "a" (THCa, CBGa, CBDVa, THCVa.........) must be decarb before ingesting it.

  41. I also prefer to add CBGa and CBDa to my dab mixes! I feel a more powerful effect when I vape those!!

  42. Two to three days to come from the United States to France with all the cannabinoids I need for my blends...

  43. I don't know if I can give the source on this sub! Send me a pm...

  44. There are no cannabinoids for beginners! Take a small dose and gradually increase... Avoid long lasting cannabinoids (thcp, hhcp,.........) and edible!

  45. Try CBNo which is more sedating than CBN... You can also try H4CBD which is slightly psychoactive... Test higher dosages like 100 to 300mg cbd...

  46. I am also in Europe but I buy my cannabinoids from USA! The main sellers here are unreliable!

  47. Try H4CBD and THCV! H4CBD will be more economical because THCV has a high price... You can add small amounts (2-20% each) of other minor cannabinoids to potentiate the desired effect. Personally, I would add a small amount of a more psychoactive cannabinoid to potentiate the effects.

  48. Can't source it in germany currently except one place 75/g and another selling 100g+

  49. You can order in the USA! I come from France and I order all my cannabinoids in the USA...

  50. if that CBC has over 0.2% THC, importing what Germany considers drugs is a jailable offence. So if the CBC degrades or the vendor lies or someone makes a tiny mistake, both me and the vendor are legally liable.

  51. I just looked at the CBC COA from Gilded and there is no trace of THC, only CBC and a small amount of CBT...

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