Match Thread: 2nd T20I - West Indies vs India

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Better Call Saul S06E07 - [Mid-Season Finale] "Plan and Execution" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Win by fall, both shoulders touched the mat/ chaaro khane chhit.

  2. Ffs, our tail alone is enough for us to lose matches consistently. Cannot even hold an end up even in T20s, forget singles or boundaries.

  3. Oh man. Sure she won, but the way she won is what makes me so proud of her. She was miles ahead of all her opponents. It wasn’t actually a contest for her. While everyone was competing against each other, she was competing against herself. After watching today’s game, I would say she’s right up there with Neeraj Chopra as India’s top non-cricket athlete.

  4. Serious Q - where is russel muscle? Does he not play Internationals?

  5. Need Paul Collingwood’s daughter to open the bowling tomorrow.

  6. YJB is such a grumpy yorkshireman, love him to bits

  7. How come all indians have such great hair

  8. This is tough because I feel like Kim is definitely the better lawyer if operating within the confines of the law and basic human decency, and she could probably get me a largely reduced sentence... but Saul could get me completely off the hook with corruption.

  9. Ya. Basically it all boils down to how fucked you are. If you aren’t guilty and need the best defense then Kim’s the way. But if you know there is evidence and chances are you’ll go to Jail, better call saul.

  10. Another inconsistency involving Nacho is when they pick Jimmy up to go speak to Lalo. They pull next to Jimmy and say “get in” and then leans over and opens the back door from the inside, in the next episode while jimmy is in the back of the car, jimmy notices that the door lock pins have been removed, implying that you can’t open the door from the inside, and they further that because when they get to Lalo, Nacho walks round the car and opens it from the outside for jimmy.

  11. Umm. I think the door can only be locked by the driver. But once unlocked, it still needs to be opened from back passenger. Nacho removed those locks from the back so it could only be unlocked from the front.

  12. Play the WTC, T20I & ODI world cups, One Asia Cup, Couple of Tri/Four Nation series. Rest of the calendar play your domestic leagues. This I believe would be most ideal. Just drop all the unnecessary bi-lateral LOIs. They make little sense.

  13. We have the Asia Cup. Need to figure an equivalent or two for Australia/Eng/NZ/SA/WI. 2-3 big LOI tournaments per team per year should be enough

  14. As a casual fan, I have so many questions.

  15. Someone at cricinfo should do an article around this. From what I understand, sometimes visiting teams play first class matches as warmups where proper rules are followed and it gets added to your FC stats. This match I believe was a friendly.


  17. Have 50Lacs to invest long term. Would this be a good time to invest lumpsump in an Index fund MF? Or should I stagger it over 12 months? Or even possibly stagger it over 54 weeks?

  18. Ngl DK hits very short sixes. Australian grounds will be difficult for him sadly:(

  19. how is DK not ahead of pant on current form in T20I baffles me.

  20. At first I though Howard was acting drunk and destroyed and it was his ploy to record Jimmy and Kim admit to their fraud but then Lalo showed up and I was like god no..pls don’t fuck Howard up.

  21. I think his death fucks up Kim for good and explains her not involved in BB timeline

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