1. Is this happening when the player has resettlement and not exploit and multi culturalism + freedom of religion and being states with the right to vote? If that was the case they probably would have loved it over their previous oligarchy slave states.

  2. İt always happens. Sol is determined by money colonies have more money cuz they dont pay taxes i made a mod for personel use that makes colonies pay 50 divident 30 income 1 per capita and land tax and since normally colonies doesnt pay taxes game doesnt warns you when you are over tax capacity so i also added infinite tax capacity to colonies and it just works perfectly. When you have 12 sol on mainland colonies have 7-8 sol average

  3. This is cute, i wonder what other drawings artist have

  4. İ am from turkey and i drink tapwater i dont think this map is correct

  5. Zip files are encrypted virus programs cant scan zip files only can guess

  6. Check the pdx forums, its been figured out.

  7. İf its legitimacy Prediction why not use only when player looks if not yeah it needs to be optimized

  8. Oh wow, the literal neo-nazi has a good take for once.

  9. İ dont agree with you battles happen according to objective you can even napoleon if you are at war with russia your army will go straight to moscow

  10. I can be napoleon with hoi4 or eu4 systems too.

  11. Eu4 yes hoi4 instantly get encircled and die

  12. That is reasonable from a balance perspective, but I think the question one should ask is how many nationalist uprisings actually did happen in that time period (that were not a direct consequence of WW1)

  13. issue: in the game turmoil required for a rebellion is %50 which is very high and after reaching %50 percent turmoil chance is so low that they still dont happen

  14. So now you just resort to calling the devs shit when you don't have anything of substance to actually say, you're pathetic lol

  15. Bro i cant argue with you because ignore and excuse every bad part about game and nitpick yeah devs are shit as they are failed their purpose. And you are so defensive about a shit game mechanic as if you done it

  16. Nah I engage with people who's criticism are actually y'know, constructive, and are willing to actually have a conversation around them. Not with "fans" that constantly call everything pdx does utter garbage and are in a constant unending rage over every little thing they do

  17. When game has a shit part i will call it shitty i played paradox games since hoi2 i know what paradox can do and cant. Victoria3's trade system is utter garbage that reduces the value of game but i never said victoria3 is utter garbage i just had an expectation that paradox could make a system better than their past games but no not only they didnt make it any better but despite the criticism of actual fans that cared about the game since beginning they made it worse. You dont need to be fanboy and defend it as if your life depends on it. İ spent my time playing paradox games more than 4000 hours i am not the "fan" you are talking about i always contributed to the modding scenes of the games i played and the game itself by making bug reports in the forum and adding features to the game if its a community driven project like cdda. İ could just choose to not do it but here is a cold hard truth, i enjoy playing games and contributing to the games i played. Trade war and diplomacy is discussed by the commutinty before the game released devs buried their head and ignored it now after the release they are working on these bad systems to improve it and now there is no need for discussion and critisism because all of it done before the release and they still try to implement and improve these mechanics that discussed before the release and the roadmap they released is the features that people wanted and stated before release. Whoever leads the project is terrible at its job because all of the bad aspect of the game could be eliminated before release and game would have a better future and a good release.

  18. Game is very good but feels very incompleate at the same time there are a lot of quest but not much character and story development once you do all quests there is nothing to do but the gameplay is solid

  19. 5 gb save is worth for me it saves 3-4 hour download time and since some repacks save up to 20 gb it would save an entire day and there are some repacks can save 50gb so it doesnt matter for me i will always use repack this is why i am here if i could afford games i could also get a better internet

  20. Did a full feature for EOCs on OMT entry and exit live on twitch this week. The plan is to stream some development every Wednesday,

  21. Max level smite melts everything in a second

  22. İ added weapon enchanting for magicalysm you need enchanters guide in magic shop but its very rare

  23. I'm hoping for the Viking Conquest ship system to be ported to Bannerlord.

  24. A VC ship system would be amazing for island cities. Imagine a massive army of 2k soldiers jumping off their ships and running down the beach to climb the walls

  25. Landing to take cities and castles in medieval is very fantasy there might be some historical cases but thats a exception. Why would you rush into a settlement where enemy is prepared to fight while you are on a wooden coffin landing compleatly unorganized with no logistics or siege equipment just land near the city make your camp prepare equipment organize your army and assault. Naval landing only viable if you are atacking a defensless village or town with no real army and fortifications to loot like real vikings

  26. İ am hoping viking conquest port to bannerlord official or not

  27. Props for your patience! How do I level this proficiency up fast? Dissecting corpses with a fine cutting level 2 tool doesn’t give a lot. Am I missing something

  28. Only thing that matters is tool quality, (when dissecting) time spent on the work, traits like fast/slow learner and skill learning speed you set on the debug menu (default is 1) focus doesnt matter for profeciency gain so its better to grind profeciency when you have low focus so it regenerates and you can use it somewhere else

  29. Hey if you want to minmax play age 55 lenght 145 there is not a single downside but less calorie consumption it also helps you go faster and allows you to carry more in muscle powered vehicles(wheelchair bike) as you weight less also for the same reason it helps with mounts

  30. Get worse tax law if you want to go bankrupt

  31. Make a poll about power armor and add naked this is a great way to make poll about power armors

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