1. Didn’t scroll down to the other selection for review, my bad. Figured the 3/10 would help you out first.

  2. I’m pretty sure there’s a problem with 1g rosin vapes, all half gram Rosin products I’ve had worked great but as soon as I’ve got a 1g, it’s been defective half way thru.

  3. I’ve loved the hundred percent pax pods, they have been harder to find but I believe they are still making them. Maybe not that strain though.

  4. You pay for quality, enjoy trash disty. Not saying prices here aren’t a joke but at least go up north and buy quality.

  5. Looks fire. Love the colors on that.

  6. Reaching out is probably the best way to go about it. Eventually the bad ones will be weaseled out.

  7. I recently saw live resin Pax pods at SF Logan by a company called 100% Labs. Has anyone ever heard of this company? Don't really want to get a new battery, but if I can get good live resin carts/pods then I may bite the bullet.

  8. It was good. I got the pax battery for only 15 bucks at SF Dayton to try out their rocket fuel live resin and og kush. Real nice flavor and affects. Cool upgrade from the lusters too with the phone app

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