US approves sending of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine

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  1. Isn't an Ostrich egg even bigger? That is a single cell organism too.

  2. Unfortunately, he's going to pay a lot in lawyer fees and TB has no obligation to provide any support. Cost to employee about $80k and that's not including any liability.

  3. That looks like infill showing through the walls. Add 1 or 2 sidewalls.

  4. Not true. The software socks so bad that I couldn't get it to connect. If it worked effortlessly, more people would.

  5. I canceled both XL orders. In the end, there's no way to justify the cost for what you're getting. I would like to see Prusa make it but the X1C fits my needs better and much cheaper. They had a chance.

  6. Most people are allergic to all allergens. What they need to find is the ones that cause the strongest reactions.

  7. Because when you are climbing mount everest you are basically spending hours on end just barely staying alive. They only carry just enough oxygen for an extremely healthy person to not die and they have to wear relatively light clothing so that they aren't weighed down.

  8. Except some Sherpas have gone up 100 times with no aux O2.

  9. Have you tried pushing the bubbles out with a flat edge? I find if I use my scraper I can smooth the bubbles out by pushing them toward the edge of the sheet.

  10. BBL needs to get away from the stickers. Consumables suck. Get a WhamBam or other smooth PEI sheet and get rid of the stickers. The stickers increase your cost of printing significantly and pollute the environment unnecessarily.

  11. Great idea. Who cares about the printers so long as you save everything else.

  12. That guy died. He was human shi_ and deserves to be in the ground.

  13. Unless she plays basketball, or works stocking shelves - no benefit. Poor girl.

  14. Prusa is desperately redesigning the Xl to bring it up to feature parity with the X1C. If not, it's an over priced Voron.

  15. Matte PLA achieves it's look via surface defects to simulate the matte look. This is normal.

  16. Blue rape, and hair spray. Use superhold. The Replicator is a horrible 3d printer. It is junk by today's standard. Sell it as fast as you can.

  17. Before. Clean I. IpA, wah it hot soapy water and remove at that time.

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