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  1. This is literally not my point. My point is I'm already inundated with the patient care of all the other patients on the floor. I am doing my job. My point is when I get tracked down to do something that could've been done in the time it took to track me down then maybe they should've bothered to do it themselves.

  2. I’m gonna disagree, I was a tech/nurse extern- that’s literally your job? Like, you cannot pull meds, you cannot pass meds, you can not assess, you cannot recommend plans of care, YOU DONT HAVE A LICENSE - you are essentially a PCT with a different title.

  3. I never said it wasn't my job. Normally when this happens, I am in another patient's room doing patient care. I've had a nurse come in the same room 3 different time to ask for shit while it would've been so much easier to just do it themselves (take this out to bathroom, get this pt ice, take another pt to the bathroom, etc).

  4. My dad did this for my mom back in the 90s. For my first brother, a diamond necklace. My second brother, a topaz ring. And for my birth my mother requested a nice... Coat rack :)

  5. Why do you have to start dating again right this second? Give yourself some time to get comfortable with yourself.

  6. I not starting to date already. The reality of it’s really over is just setting in and that makes me think that I eventually have to start dating again and as a big woman and all the worries around that start to flow even if I’m not trying to date right now.

  7. Ohh gotcha. I wish you the best. Anyone that has a problem with your weight is 110% not a you problem.

  8. The second she's startles she'll get all the wrinkles back.

  9. This one is at least better than that family in the ice cream shop.

  10. I live in a double-wides with 8 acres of land and pay less in a mortgage than most of my colleagues do in rent. I have privacy and never have to go far to be in nature. Fuck all them who think it's a downgrade to live in a mobile home.

  11. 8 acres of land?! That sounds friggen awesome. I’d pick that over a $3m McMansion in a gated community where the houses are 5 metres apart any day!

  12. Yeah I lived in one of those too. It definitely wasnt a mansion but it was a 4bed 2.5bath. i couldn't go outside without a neighbor looking straight at me. And don't even get me started on that fucking HOA. The best decision my husband and I ever made was leaving that shitty ass neighborhood. I'll take my private 1600 sqft trailer over a 2400sqft sardine can anyway.

  13. In the past decade, there has been a huge paradigm shift from actual hands-on training (practicum) to theory like nursing diagnoses and essay writing and APA format.

  14. If we could reverse that shift, that would be great. Most of my cohort have never started an IV. It's like they're banking on us putting all this extra time into getting externships and still maintain grades. Bullshit.

  15. Update….. said DON will soon be on the receiving end of her own evil bag of dicks 🤣🍆🤣

  16. This is the best thing ever. I have so many ppl I need to send these to.

  17. Yeah I agree. I see very little point in farther than BSN for bedside. I wanna be a nurse for like a year, then start applying to perfusion programs.

  18. If you don't mind me asking, what's a perfusion program?.

  19. Perfusionist run the heart lung machines like ecmo. Most typically in the OR for cardiovascular surgeries.

  20. Damn I thought this would be sponsored by fight milk😂

  21. I love it when people with polar opposite accents from me (American South) try to imitate my accent. I have a Korean friend that tried one time and we both could not stop cackling.

  22. Pretty sure Ireland had the largest diaspora of citizens of any country.

  23. It kinda sucks if you aren't into the person..

  24. Actually a question, but I've heard that it's normal that sometimes stranger just openly tell you that they like your shirt or just start random conservations. I come from Germany and behaviour like this would be seen as extremely rude. (Just never waste others' time unless you need help.)

  25. I'm an American and I don't really care for random conversations with strangers tbh. But if someone approached me like that then I'd just say thank you and move along.

  26. In both Colorado and Kentucky it is acceptable to poop in the upper tank between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

  27. We Kentuckians call it, "Tankin Day" on May 18th. We have a grand feast of Hot Browns the night before so we can give thanks by giving one back on Tankin Day.

  28. This calculated self-mutilation has probably kept hundreds of kids from trying this stuff. 👍

  29. Biden fought to bring home a gay, black woman. My rage is barely contained at those who choose not to see what message that sends to us who belong in minority groups.

  30. You could argue that it sends the message that minorities will no longer be left behind. I can recognize that. But what does that mean for other prisoners over there that aren't celebrities? Would she have been left behind if she hadn't been a WNBA star? Would she have been left behind if she were white? It's not fair to base a person's value on their skin color or sexuality. It's never been fair.

  31. Thank the heavens for this group, because likewise, I’ve been seeing nothing but vitriolic hate spewed toward this woman. I can’t imagine going through what she went through and then being barraged with a bunch of “she’s not worth it” comments when you return to your country. It’s so cringe that so many people feel like weighing her soul against a violent fucking arms dealer. Was it a fair trade? Not exactly, but how is that her fault and why should she be the ire of our rage when it’s the Russian government that chose to rig the game?

  32. I agree. She didn't agree to the terms of this trade. She didn't pick who she was being traded for. She is a victim in this.

  33. Tall, white, loud men get more respect than anyone, no matter how stupid they are.

  34. They have to fuck up soooo many times before people finally start smelling the bullshit 🙄

  35. Had to do this to go to clinicals at a psych facility. Guess what, they didn't fucking work and a student was sexually assaulted while at clinical. The only reason they do these classes is so the hospital can say they "trained" you and you can't sue them for getting assaulted. My advice: go take a real self-defense class just in case you really are in a life or death situation.

  36. Get one of those cards that throws confetti and make it a pop-up with a glittery middle finger. Bonus points if it's one that records audio and put the Fuck You song be CeeLo Green.

  37. Yeah that's def Georgia style, for sure.

  38. Try to beat stockfish 15 in chess. Built by humans and uses a neural net trained on humans and fighting itself, yet it absolutely pulps the worlds top players.

  39. It can play a game. Can it play a different game? Can it drive? Can it understand and interpret laws? Can it understand the value of human life? Does it understand the dangers of driving? It seems to me like humans can make a program that can destroy people at a game, but can't do much else. As impressive as that is, stockfish 15 isn't smarter than a human. Now if the fate of the world hinged on a chess match, then throw stockfish in there lol

  40. I say sir and ma’am all the time. Ive gotten some really weird looks outside the south.

  41. Some people take offense to it! I don't really understand why but I definitely consor myself outside of the south lol

  42. Do trainings. Re-read patho and pharmacology chapters from nursing school. Read and memorize hospital policy.

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