1. Enjoyed the trop cherry. Got a jar of the moms spaghetti and it dried out about halfway through 😐

  2. Tried to give you a Dynavap when you were in town…Dyna is the only thing that has started to scratch “the itch”. Got an angus a couple months ago and it’s starting to grow on me

  3. Bought a few of these last trip and 5-6 were like this…never buying humblebee again..wasted 3 pucks because I didn’t even feel like messing with it

  4. This is the way man. ive been intrested in pressing for so long, an also getting into using the 90u bubble bags for cold cure ice water hash. Spot on, i need rosin for effective meds. Im always on the hunt for funky terps an ive had yet to see anything worth pressing aswell. Galenas (fresh) flower might yield some tasty rosin

  5. Great, thanks for the answers. I see this at Sunnyside Cincy -

  6. About Wellness Has the 2.53g jar of motorcake for $125…best deal you’ll find and motorcake was some of the best rosin they put out…still prefer it over a lot of the stuff I bring from up north

  7. I thought this was my dood mid dump for a second 😂…he just got the same trim

  8. Lol I’m in the program and still drive 4 hours each way monthly to make the trek up north…with that being said it most definitely isn’t legal to bring it back. Better to find this out now then during the middle of a trip 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. As others mentioned it’s not recreational, and the medical program leaves a lot to be desired…if you’re a daily user it will literally bankrupt you, especially if you use concentrates. I’m still part of Ohio’s program, but come up about once a month to stock up for myself and a couple disabled friends that can’t make the trip up…if it wasn’t for Michigan I don’t know what I would do. I have met lots of amazing people up north and meet more every trip..I enjoy my mini vacation up once a month 😂

  10. I’ve just been trekking up north..still in the program but haven’t had to worry about Ohio dispos in awhile and it’s nice

  11. I enjoy winter because it normally brings people to together for the holidays

  12. Have a Hubbard top with a matching tether, ball cap and base if you’d be interested in something like that? Very similar to a spider but glass is thicker

  13. I just got one the other day and I’m really digging it so far…have a pro for at home, but for on the go it’s awesome

  14. Not trying to be funny but if you do have to put it down I might be interested in taking the Carta off your hands

  15. I truly hope that whatever you’re going through resolves itself, and you come out the other side happy and healthy

  16. I had one like this that leaked into the base eventually..trashed it after that and then was told by the guy I got it from that “it would do that sometimes if it was tilted wrong” 🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. Yeah if it tilts at all it will spill into it doesn’t even seem worth trying it.

  18. Others seem to swear by them..that was my experience. Luckily caught it so it didn’t do any damage, but still was enough for me not to consider them anymore

  19. Have a Hubbard piece I might sell. Has a matching tether, base and ball cap

  20. I used to drive from Cincy to Dayton somewhat regularly and drove to London once (close to 2 hours each way) to get closed out grow Ohio syringes…now I just drive further north a couple hours and save alot more

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