I'm at a polling location at Wainwright Elementary and the judge is refusing to sign ballots. She's arguing with poll workers, and voters, who have pleaded with her to start signing ballots and she is refusing. She says we're closing at 7 on the dot. No one is voting. This is deliberate.

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  1. Oh god he's in my national team

  2. ,*in my national team sounds correct

  3. My daughter’s bf, Chris, stole the turkey from the family

  4. Dog walking isn’t for the faint of heart.

  5. Walking through a mall while in high school, a woman walking with her husband (I assumed), told him “what you’ve done is worse than mass murder”. I’ve thought about this for a long time.

  6. ……”Your fantasy football team absolutely sucks”

  7. Yeah, you're right. It's absolutely wrong . I won't defend it either. I'll always be mindful that i don't rob anyone of their deserved position or their rights .

  8. Don’t listen to this clown. You have no control over your opportunities like this based off of where you were born, and the guy who’s talking to you would, no doubt, take advantage if he was in a similar position. Your desire to learn how to be successful and efforts to learn what the best route is and become educated, is a good start. Don’t apologize to someone who is clearly jealous or bitter for no good reason. Use the relationships you have and apologize to know one. As long as you’re not hurting people to achieve your goals, keep your head held up and keep being willing to learn.

  9. Einhorn is finkle Finkle is einhorn

  10. One. Swedish made, penis enlarger.

  11. It's a reference to the song by prince

  12. I don’t think I did. They were being sarcastic

  13. Don’t waste punches/shoves. EXPLODE into your opponent the first chance you’re given. DO NOT stop until you can safely walk/run away. Punch through your opponent, DO NOT pull punches. Aim a foot behind their head and throw blows with the attempt to go through your opponent. Keep wrists turned in slightly, punch with top 2 knuckles, not ring finger and pinky.

  14. If we all jump at once, we change our orbit.

  15. If I was the winner of that 2billion lotto, I would by the rights to this show and pay all needed royalties to release this show in it's entirety on a remastered box set.

  16. *BUY The *writes. Buy means two purchase. Writes means to by.

  17. It’s. Means it is. It’s ok that ewe didn’t no that.

  18. 3 or 4 beers BEFORE the club. I think OP is just seeking validation for his mistakes. I’m not biting on the sequence of events. OP fucked up.

  19. Mark Cuban. Dude is super likeable

  20. They wouldn’t lettuce have benefits

  21. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

  22. Whoa whoa whoa…who you calling thinskin

  23. Anybody had luck with any of the Indonesian vendors extracts?

  24. Yep. It's not even that enticing, it's just the unknown of the entire act that makes me want to try it. FOMO if you will.

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