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  1. I have a question to those who’ve purchased multiple outfits from different profile pop-up shops… Once you buy them, even if you switch out outfits every now and then, they stay in your closet, correct? Like they don’t just disappear?

  2. I thought this was awesome growing up! 😂

  3. It used to be $15.99? I thought that price was even slightly pushing it… Let alone almost $25?!? No, thank you.

  4. Who is the author? I've searched the story on the app & that's multiple stories with that title. I LOVE multiple l.i stories😍

  5. “Don’t Call me Angel” is by Arrows! This one was an official story and is only 8 chapters. 🙂

  6. You’re welcome— Let me know what you think of the story if you read it!

  7. Probably open a simulation for myself where i release all my earthly emotions and just murder anyone i want

  8. the infected was turned into a featured story and now the author is no longer allowed to update it. i’m sorry, but it’s discontinued

  9. Yes, I only have one account with my Apple ID and that was the one I used.

  10. That’s odd. 🤔 It’s very unlikely that you have written down your actual username and password to the account (Like the ‘d783fg130’ username under settings), so I would get in contact with the Episode team to try and redeem your account.

  11. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking of doing but then I’m not a writer, so my losses aren’t a big deal. Still sucks, though, and I wanted to see if others have experienced a similar thing. Thanks for your response!

  12. Maybe update us if you figure it out? 🙂

  13. I didn’t get a free outfit when I read it? 😕 I read it when it first came out, too.

  14. This one is much more improved than the last.. Fantastic job, my friend!!

  15. What the hell did they think was going to happen..? 😂

  16. If you’re 15 years old, that’s child pornography.

  17. First thing I noticed, those stars are phenomenal compared to what I could do. 😂

  18. Ah thank you!! My inspiration for it was the same as your username 🤠

  19. This is how it is around me too, unfortunately. I’m just glad that I’m able to give out the stuff I don’t use/need for people that would want it.

  20. I can only sing in front of a camera. I’ve had severe stage fright ever since I was fairly young, so I hope to sing in front of others as well as you progress, too!

  21. Everyone ends up dying at some point. It’s just something you have to accept it I guess.

  22. I’m hoping other people get where I’m coming from…

  23. I use that style for most of my stories lol

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