1. I like my flip- that outside screen is too big for me and takes away from the cuteness

  2. It's just rare to see a profile that clicks as beautiful with a non conventional nose. It's a reminder that you can be just as beautiful with what you were born with.

  3. Lmfaoo I also have the before nose I was talking about how I feel about myself and how seeing her nose made me change my perspective about my own nose.

  4. I want her to come back ten movies from now as ghost face but the second ghost face in a classic there's two killers scream 1 reveal

  5. ah okay, thanks I feel a bit nuts here. I dislike this character enough that everyone else not disliking her (well totally fine!) feels a bit confusing. emotionally not rationally.

  6. This Fandom doesn't take critiscism well at all. Go through any of the episode threads and sort by contreversial, it's 100 percent people being critical of the show.

  7. haha yeah I haven’t checked d20 specifically but I’ve always found actual play fandoms a bit much. people can be fanatical and put the work and its creators on pedestals. something about the parasocial nature of the medium inviting cultish behaviour maybe

  8. Agreed. I've never contacted them on personal social media's about distate or dislike I strictly post on relevant forums meant for discussion. But those forums tend to be an acho chamber

  9. Even pre pandemic it was the only place to get food after a certain point

  10. Writing in general. Get ink and lead on my hand all the time.

  11. Prey for a dead space follow up. Visage if you liked PT or are sad you never got to play it. Resident evil biohazard and village for something fun and different.

  12. Ten is kind of right when these things start, it’s earlier and earlier. I work with children and as long as your following through calm is better, angry adults create angry children. But cursing is aggression and anger and at ten he should have been seeing a therapist for this already.

  13. The funny thing is when u get married then it’s all “I need the two of u to start porking cus I need me a grand baby”

  14. This movie is being Jennifer Bodied. It's where a good horror movie (great is subjective IMO that's why horror is fun) with a strong cult following gets shelved as mediocre in the horror community, until one day it's not. At first the love for it makes the people who hated it hate it more and the hate for it confuses those who loved it and makes them want to defend it. Give it ten years and this movie will be regarded as a classic that people probably weren't ready for.

  15. There is a scene in the first Terrifier movie where Art is stabbing the girls leg with a this ear to ear grin that caught me off guard and actually scared me a little bit. I turned the movie off when he goes to saw the friend in half at the vagina.

  16. Just finished watching this, the comment in here about knowing what it is before you watch it I agree with. This wouldve been more enjoyable after the shower right before bed, blunt rolled, lights off. I watched it mid day and had to keep forcing myself to look at the screen because I wanted to like it so bad, I kept thinking, "If I look away Ill miss the thing that is making people love this movie" But still it was labor or love as you said and did remind me a lil bit of my favorite book House Of Leaves so thats nice.

  17. I have family on longisland and use the throgs neck to the hutchinson to the taconic to 84

  18. I hate how in slasher movies nobody tries to make sure the killer is actually dead. Like if it were me I’m going all out and straight up decapitating the fucker.

  19. In the first terrified movie when she stabs art in the arm and runs away instead of killing him with the lil razor

  20. Idk if it’s horror but the car accident jaw coming off in star bright

  21. “This is t what it always looks like!” Oh you’re right my bad normally those cardboard boxes are just full garbage bags of nastiness.

  22. He looks like a whole diff person. I liked thin and lean with sad eyes. Now we have chad the Gym Bro

  23. Most definitely agree about NE fishing towns, look what HP Lovecraft did with them.

  24. Such a fun setting in a way that is particularly interesting to northeast America

  25. If any of these kids had a solid parental figure in their life then there would be at least one confident well thrown punch in this video, instead of this weird techno rave dancing they’re doing.

  26. Boob jobs and facial fillers when you’re this skinny look strange because normally you loose your boobs when you loose weight so she looks very silly when honestly it’s not really bad work.

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