1. I have two older brothers and a dad and a husband andnifn ineeded a tampon I could ask them. My female friend one time was wrapping up a dispenser to take with her instead of put in the garbage so Mt brothers wouldn't see it, and I was like, why? They have 3 sisters they're used to it.

  2. I could change my husband's name in my phone to Angelina right now and fake this. Show us a screen recording with a verified phone number.

  3. show... her number? Do you wanna think this through again?

  4. Not literally, I mean that these screenshots posted on reddit are not a court of law and are easily faked. I don't actually want anyone to post her info!!

  5. I wake up in the morning and usually put something random on, like something off tubi. My husband jokes that he's used to waking up to people screaming now.

  6. If you are my dj or photographer, I am going to both feed you and treat you well since the outcome of my wedding depends so heavily on you. I believe in boosting positive morale.

  7. I am pk with clothing and accessories having g their own shop

  8. I’m not into dudes but you’re straight up handsome

  9. For sure handsome, and the picture in the sunlight with a smile is a showstopper!

  10. Strict boundaries: "If you guys talk about politics in front of my baby, i will, take them and leave." Follow through, rinse, and repeat.

  11. When I zoomed in, it looked like the dishes had all been cleaned and put to the side?

  12. So I split my bath bombs in half, cut up my shower bombs, and cut my bubble bars with my Dr teals sleepy bath to save a lil extra there. And I take all dust and put it in a jar for a super bath to be had later. And I get the eye pads and cut those in half and use them under eye. I wash them after use and get like 4 uses out of each slice.

  13. Visage had me crying like "no please I don't want to go into the closet"

  14. Ima need some replacement ideas if anyone has any?! Bonus points for good shipping

  15. This is the exact surgery I want. Your results look amazing!

  16. I live northeast as well and I feel like this is not gonna be enough for outdoors in April. Ot can still be winter Temps also what if there's snow or mud on the ground? Is the reception all tent will u be outside at all?

  17. Absolutely no one says a negative word about my husband in front of me or o fucking lose it. I expect more from my family than others cus they're my family so I expect even better and kinder treatment of him from them if anything.

  18. Vinny Pauly and Mike not standing up for Sam I get. Sometimes we just want peace, and so we behave as cowards. And Ronnie should do time for his rage. But Jenny has always seemed like a bully to me. She will throw anyone under the bus as fodder to add fuel to the fake relationships she maintains.

  19. Wow, I stopped reading a little after they were reunited before Demeter confronted Hades, but from what I've garnered from all these angry posts, this story is getting wild. The narrative I put together with the understanding of a toddler trying to put a circle block in a square hole is probably more interesting than the actual plot.

  20. I'm gonna need a micro ds a regular ds a ds lite. Like.wheres the 2ds? No ps vita? What about a psp?

  21. Instead of the blackening using the Tage line "we can't all die first," for the titlewould've looked and sounded better.

  22. Yes this is the kind of content I need to up my bath game!

  23. Jesus christ close the lid to flush! Even with two dudes who poop standing up in the forest and only use the toilet to piss I would still recommend closing the lid to flush like

  24. This doesn't even look like bud it looks like some trim off a home grown that was going to be used in edibles or tinctures

  25. I have the game on game pass and bought the ultimate edition because I've had games get pulled from pass before while playing and really have been loving this game and haven't even gotten half way through all the material. That being said, the moon coins I got with that purchase are the only ones I will ever get. But luckily the stuff in the premium shop was so butt ugly I didn't spend a single crescent.

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