1. Not a one touch. This is just the standard soft top so it has a bunch of hardware above the roof line when it's folded back. The one touch just has fabric above the roof like and wouldn't have damaged as severely if at all in this this instance.

  2. When it's partially folded back in the Sunrider position. If you fold it all the way back, you'll actually have a little more clearance on top.

  3. That's the key takeaway here. They're the equivalent of double yellow lines in the US.

  4. If you wear N7 merch while getting on, the attendants will call out that there's an N7 Specialist on board the mission

  5. I have difficulty pinpointing the worst Jets team of my life, but the 2013 team was without question the most chaotic, especially before the bye. Geno would ping pong being a massive bust and “holy shit we might have a guy.” Then he laid up three straight stinkers after the Bye, everyone wanted Rex out, then we went 3-1 final four weeks and #keeprex trended.

  6. I used to get laughed at in those days when I wore my Jets cap.

  7. Shout out to the Casa San Isidro restaurant in the pics. It's where I proposed to my wife 20 years ago.

  8. No reason not to in this case. This is—was—Nara Dreamland, a Disney knock-off theme park in Japan. It closed in 2006 and was completely demolished 5 years ago.

  9. I looked at your history and see you're in West Virginia. Amtrak's Cardinal service already stops at 8 stations in WV, so I doubt they will ever offer any additional service on other lines in the state. As it is, the Cardinal only runs 3x a week.

  10. My son is 17 and could have gotten his learner's permit at 15 and license at 16, but he's shown no interest. He bikes the 2+ miles to school.

  11. I don't think I ever saw a cemetery where a car could actually fit lol

  12. Leaving aside the question of inadequate bike infrastructure in Madrid, the mass transit infrastructure is spectacular. Almost 90% of the city's population is within a 1 km radius of a Metro station, and 97% of jobs are within a 1 km radius of a Metro station.*

  13. If you buy more groceries than you can carry home with your hands, then

  14. This happened to me last week at a restaurant. I just went outside and used hand gestures to turn the lights off. He did and the restaurant staff and goers were delighted.

  15. Very true, but here, as OP indicates, this is not a one-time instance, but instead continuing behavior even after being told not to do this. The guy is not just your regular asshole in a giant truck, but rather a total asshole in a giant truck.

  16. Yep, he also chooses to back into the parking spot so his lights face the store instead of driving into the spot so that they face the street.

  17. Don't get me started on giant trucks always always backing into parking spaces. If you are backing out of a parking space, you're going to presumably exercise caution. If you're pulling out of a parking space you've backed into, you're just going to go, and who cares about the 7 year old kid you didn't see because your hood is 5 feet off the ground.

  18. I can't tell you what a treat it was to travel from Madrid to Valencia on Spain's AVE last summer—a trip that would take 3 1/2 hours by car—in only an hour and forty minutes.

  19. Why would anyone drive in such a beautiful, walkable city??

  20. If you're a tourist, you're likely staying in the historic district or Duomo, much of which is closed to cars. The train station is right there in the historic district, so there's no need to drive to Florence to begin with, let alone use a car when you're in the city.

  21. Yeah, LEO and gov. vehicles in Texas have special tax exempt plates. That's a disabled veteran tag I think.

  22. Those are not LPR cameras, those are standard home security system cameras. I would be willing to bet money they’re not even hooked up to anything.

  23. Ancient home security cameras, too. They're like the ones that the previous owner of our house installed in the mid-2000s.

  24. You're supposed to have the windshield wipers still going when the hood is up to get out of that fix.

  25. It's all right, fellas, he fixed it all at the end by turning on his emergency flashers.

  26. Happily, you obscured his license plate, so none of the psychopathic homicidal maniacs here can somehow track him down and kill him.

  27. I fucking hate people who watch manga

  28. Even with the shitty video, you can still see the oncoming car when the overtaking car is abreast of only the rear end of the truck. Overtaker should have immediately backed off.

  29. I voted twice for a sales tax increase to drastically expand Metrorail. Twenty years later, all we have is a 3.5 mile connection from the Earlington Heights station to the airport, and plans for some stupid SMART bus service on the drawing board.

  30. Not Colombia, which has recognized same sex marriage since 2016.

  31. Recognizing it and it being safe for people to visit are two different metrics. The whole US recognizes same sex marriage (whether begrudgingly or not) but plop a pride demonstration in rural Alabama and see how well that goes.

  32. My brother in law lives in Bogotá with his husband. Admittedly, it's heavily urban, but he nevertheless feels and is completely safe there.

  33. True but look at the arena and the area around it for point of reference. Arena opened in 1999 so this is definitely late 90s. 50 Biscayne (building with red neon squiggly line on top) wasn't even built yet. I believe that was completed in 2007.

  34. The arena opened on New Year's Eve 1999 with a Gloria Estefan show, so this is more likely early 2000s.

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